Sep 25, 2020
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Member, Female

Why is that when I feel like it’s improving it goes back to step 1... can’t tell if I’m progressing or not cause of fluctuations. Dec 2, 2020 at 4:16 AM

    1. n_li808
      Why is that when I feel like it’s improving it goes back to step 1... can’t tell if I’m progressing or not cause of fluctuations.
      1. Michael Leigh
        Michael Leigh
        This is the way noise induced Tinnitus behaves in the early stages. I have explained this in some of the posts I've written in the links, I've sent you.
        Dec 2, 2020 at 8:20 AM
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      2. Bill Bauer
        Bill Bauer
        Keep a log. Count the number of good and bad days each month, and see what the pattern looks like after about a year.
        Dec 2, 2020 at 8:21 AM
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    2. n_li808
      Now it’s been static/hissy with the really high pitch trying to peep through. Is this good or bad? It’s hard describing the noise.
      1. LateNightArt
        I would say, unless you have been exposed loud noise, it is likely a good thing that your T us changing. (before acoustic trauma set me back a lot) i had a lot of phases where it seemed to get worse and i had a lot of weird noises like a Geiger counter and low hum but eventually became almost unnoticeable. Hope it sorts its self out
        Nov 8, 2020
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      2. n_li808
        @LateNightArt my tinnitus is noise induced I’m pretty sure. But it’s been almost 3 months.
        Nov 8, 2020
      3. Bill Bauer
        Bill Bauer
        A change from a high pitch tone to a hiss is a major move in the right direction. Eventually the hiss will get less and less intense, and will become a soft hiss. Of course it can take years, but at least eventually you ought to be ok.
        Nov 9, 2020
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    3. n_li808
      Really high pitch ring/hiss with some buzzing today.. I don’t mind the hiss but can the ring go away? Ugh I can almost feel it in my head.
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    4. n_li808
      My right ear has been twitching/spasming for the past 2 hours... why??
      1. Kriszti
        Could be MEM.
        Oct 23, 2020
      2. n_li808
        @Kriszti that’s what I thought too or ttts, but I woke up this morning and it was gone... I hope it doesn’t come back..
        Oct 23, 2020
    5. n_li808
      Such a roller coaster ride. Never know how it will sound the next day.
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