1 Year and 2 Months of Tinnitus, Need Some Hope!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by _Patrick_, Aug 27, 2015.

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      Hi guys,

      First of all, I'm French, so please excuse my sloppy English (which is already probably better than 80% of the French here!).

      My T started in June last year. First in the left ear. Did an hearing test, showed some hearing loss in the high pitches, but they couldn't explain it. They said it probably was some kind of disease that provoked it, and it was very likely the cause of my T.
      A few weeks later, it started in the right ear as well where I had no hearing loss, which really intrigued me, but the doctors said it could be the brain trying to compensate (hell of a way for compensating brain!)
      I had some MRIs done but everything is normal.

      Last month, I started having a few vertigos, so now again I have to go check up what is happening.

      I work in the supplements business, so I've tried everything under the sun. So far, I'm trying pretty high doses of Taurine, but not sure it is working (anyhow, will continue, just for health purposes).

      I'm coping as much as I can although my T is quite high (very difficult to mask). I came here to hear a bit of positive stuff as this is what I need right now : hope! The French forums I'm on are full of people complaining and it's really depressing. I mean really stressful to read people saying their life is ruined and such, I really don't need to read such things right now !

      What are the best options we have and should be expecting ? How close are we from fining a cure ?
      I can see this forum is very detailed regarding research stuff, anything promising ?
      I heard about AM101 but the doctor I see here in France knows a lot about it (he was involved at some point in the research process) and said it wasn't that promising.
      AUT00063 also seems to raise some hopes, but didn't take the time to check it up yet so not sure.

      Anyhow, is there promising things out there we should be hoping for? Hope is what will make me cope much better so I definitely need to believe something is coming out, even if it doesn't take my T out, as long as it lessens it, I'm in!

      Thanks for your welcome and your input.
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      Ear infection / Mild Noise Induced Hearing Loss
      Welcome Patrick!
      You will want to poke around the AM101 and AUT-63 threads a bit to determine for yourself. But from our patient testimonials, both AM101 and AUT-63 seem to have some pharmacological positive effect. It is way too early to tell for certain on AUT-63 because they are on Phase 2 of their clinical trial and no real results have been released by Autifony, but AM101 has already released Phase 2 results that show some positive impact and are currently on Phase 3.

      There are also a number of other companies like SciFluor and Otonomy that are in early phases of development of tinnitus treatments.

      In the meantime you will find a lot of other resources and support here.

      Again, welcome and make yourself at home!
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    3. _Patrick_

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      Hi Marqualler,

      Thanks for the reply.
      Yup, I'll poke around the AM101 and AUT-63 (already did quite a bit), seems like a bit of hope might come from this side.
      Thanks for the heads up on SciFluorand Otonomy, never actually heard about them.

      Yup, loads of resources, which is great and which is why I immediately donated for the site!
      Any particular one might be really worth of interest?

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    4. Dawn Whinetaker

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      I've tried quite a few different supplements as well, and I'm also still searching for something that will help. It's very frustrating, and I feel your pain. If I may ask- what supplements have you tried so far? I also tried Taurine, but it had virtually no effect for me. How high is your dose? I'm fairly 'aux natural' in my approaches to health, so I don't like trying over-the-counter medications and other more chemically-oriented alternatives. I'm really hoping to find something that can help that will be natural. But at this point (2 years into dealing with my Tinnitus) I'd take just about anything if it could help.
    5. _Patrick_

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      I've tried all the "basics" and usual, and some : ginkgo biloba, magnesium (all sorts), zinc, gastrodin, vinpocetine... probably some more but can't remember.
      I'm currently taking melatonin + L-Theanine, and ordered some 5-HTP back for sleeping.

      Currently taking 20 grams (that's high, but still very safe) of Taurine, no effects so far, but will continue during a month or two then probably lower down to 10 grams as its useful for sports and health anyway.

      I also just ordered some Black Cohosh Root and some Pu-erh tea as someone reported in the forum that it helpes.

      It really seems crazy that nothing works at all, even at simply lowering the darn thing... All I'm asking for is lowering it!
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    6. Clive Cottrell

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      Hi Dear Hearts.
      I have just started taking Tinniticil only available from the U.S. I am one week in and I must say that there has not been any improvement so far. I know that it is early days as yet, but to be quite honest I'm am not that optimistic. If anything it seems to have ramped it up. Maybe this is the storm before the calm. We can only hope. I will keep you posted. Now to hold my breath.
    7. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Patric ,
      For vertigo ask your doctor about Buccastem or Proclirperazine or Betahistine .
      If your tinnitus sound is hard to cope with,try playing natural sounds all night through pillow speakers set below your tinnitus.The magic works through the night while your brain works hard pick up the new lower sound you have picked for natural sound ,your brain works hard and pushes the tinnitus to the back ground and helps then coping in the day .
      CBT and TRT can help and maskers and hearing aids when its severe to cope day to day....lol glynis
    8. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      After taking hundreds of supplements over the last 16 months, I find Vinpocetine, 30mg's per day and NAC, 1800mg's per day, somewhat helpful.

      I also take Taurine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, magnesium, zinc, Co-Q10, Himalaya stress care, vit C, B complex, B-12, D-3, calcium, fish oil, multi-vitamins and a mixture of Chinese herbs.

      My best relief, a few decent size glasses of red wine, before dinner! Bon appetit!
    9. JenniferPeers

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      Got worse after antibiotic
      I live in Cape Town, South Africa - very few remedies, options available out here. So I went online and found this website and have ordered Antinitus from a Swedish company http://www.antinitus.com/
      *Clinically documented relief of tinnitus symptoms. Patches you put behind your ears.
      Mine comes and goes in loudness - sometimes more conscious of it than others.
      Also keeps me awake when very loud as I hear my pulse as soon as I put my head on thepillow.
      Have found that daily Meditation helps.
      Playlist: Michael sealy

      Will report back once I have tried the patches.
    10. Atlantis

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      Antinitus is a scam.

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