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      Tinnitus Since:
      April 20, 2013
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      I got my Tinitus on April 20, 2013. From my new 2013 GMC Sierra full size truck that i got on April 18, 2013
      Research - GM Bulletin# PIT5166C

      This truck had a high-pitched ringing noise coming from the dashboard because of the new technology/fans in the stereo/satellite equipment. That's what gave me my T.

      I was also freaked out after buying the new truck. It was too big, i hated it and the new smell was repulsing.
      I’d like to share my experience of healing my ears over the past 2 years.

      But i’m quickly learning that there’s at least 2 general Categories of Tinnitus.

      1 Tinnitus that is caused by medications/disease/blunt trauma/ ear infections or bilateral menieres (what’s that ? )

      2 Tinnitus that is caused by some sort of external stimulus/loud noise/noise/high-pitched sound or Acoustic Trauma (Ear Drum Damage Tinnitus )

      But both types of Tinnitus (ringing in ears ) is because the Tinnitus sufferer has Ear drum damage, right ?

      For my Post here, I’ll call the first kind Type A Tinnitus. And the second Type B Tinnitus
      Categorizing Tinnitus by its Cause......

      i can only speak for Tinnitus that was caused by a high-pitched noise ( Type B Tinnitus )

      Are we the lucky ones who only have T. from exposure to damaging Audio/speakers ? Are those with Ear Damage (tinnitus ) because of Medication, physical trauma, or a disease in a worse reality ?
      Can their Tinnitus not be ‘ healed ‘ ? But ours can be ?

      For those with Type B Tinnitus

      My advice is……..

      1 absolutely No car audio EVER

      2 No television or anything involving electrical speakers at night ( 1 excpetion see below )

      3 Nighttime walks before laying down/sleep

      4 no movies no eat outs no parties no music

      5 lipoflavonoid definately helps

      I try to be outside as much as possible during the day. One of my favorite things is laying by a pool at night.

      Aspergers runs in my family. I have to stay calm in the evening. Watching TV just over-stimulates and agravates me. And then at the same time, with the electrical auditory stimulation, SETS OFF my Ears (induces them to ring more aggravates the damage like trying to walk on a sprained/damaged ankle )

      If i watch TV.. my ears will ring/make noise all night long…. As i lay in bed and try to fall asleep.

      Regarding the 1 exception though. The one thing i like to do is listen to my favorite albums on a iPod (new model iPods only ) with some high-quality headphones, at extremely low volume. Billie48 said, ‘usually masking can help calm the nerve and reduce the stress level which will be good for lowering T. loudness I think this activity ( iPod and headphones for 30minutes before bed ) is what Billie48 is referring to. Evidently, Your objective is to calm the nerve.

      Back around the same time i got Tinnitus (april 2013 ) my aunt had got a new TV. And it was big. 60-something inch Panasonic. I hated it. And still do. It’s too muchto take in. The older one was much better.

      In my opinion, People who are anxiety prone, are definately more at risk, for getting Tinnitus.

      And people with Asperger’s are definately more Anxiety prone (many books on that )

      We don’t realize how ‘Alarmed’ we are getting. It’s not like we can compare to another human body (besides our own ) for a few minutes. (sry if getting a little immature there )

      Aspie’s (those with Aspergers ) cannot change how they process their environment. Just like we can’t change our ethnicity. It’s our brain/nerves/sensory sensitivity that we were genetically given.

      We need to understand that we are enviornmentally sensitive. And a big TV is just kinda gonna half freak us out/ put us into Alarm and we may not even fully realize how we’re reacting/how it’s adversely affecting us.

      Houses are being built too small these days (and a lot of people are living in condos and apartments ). The living rooms are entirely too small. This is deflecting all the sound into our ears exponetially more. Houses these days don’t have curtains, thick rugs, or other sound deadening characteristics ( As they did in the 50s and 60s and later ) Hard Wood floors are common. …which are horrible for noise. ( A woman with high heels can walk through the room and it can sound like gun blasts going off ) And Lastly...... Modern Home Entertainment Systems and A/V Equipment are entirely too Big and Loud/damaging.

      I moved from where i had been living for 6 years, after getting my T. I got the T. in april 2013 and i moved in august. I quit my substitute teaching job. I haven’t worked since.

      But at that time, i was receiving an Inheritance (a land sell was finally closing )
      And i had to try to figure out how to invest the money. And i needed the income (had to invest it )

      Nothing like the Stock Market/ figuring out Investing to raise your Stress Level !

      For the past 2 years, I spend every single morning in a park. have 2 different ones to choose from. Every night i go for a walk and lay in the grass. The smell of the dirt and grass calms me. and calms my ears/the ringing.

      I think the recovery from Tinnitus will depend on-

      how bad the initial damage experience was

      How well you prevent yourself from any auditory stimuli that agrivates the ear damage (tinnitus ) you’re hearing

      And how well your body just naturally heals.

      Did get an expensive quality bed and it has improved my sleeping. I would have been the FIRST to say, bunch of nonsense! But yes, a Good bed, with a memory foam topper, with a quality matress pad.

      I’ll definately post here again, for stuff i forgot this time…..
      Sry for the formatting being a bit off. I wrote/typed all this at my leisure, then Pasted it
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      Mike TerMaaten

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      Tinnitus Since:
      April 20, 2013
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      Had a few more thoughts last night

      The Bad News is that your ears will be very sensitive during this time ( cochlear nerve

      In the first half a year, i had FOUR sounds in my ears. I gave them the following names-

      1 Fizzling/bubbling soda can (from Kaiser Permenante using Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning my ears about a month after i got T. )

      2 knocking/tinking wall water pipe ( from a Broken HVAC equipment fan on a neighboring building ( hearing that for just 5 nights or so Caused a sound in my ears at night that i heard for well over a year )

      3 hum noise ( just faint source unknown )

      4 RINGING ( Dominant Noise ! )

      Mention this first, because i think it’s most important to know

      The other thing i thought of last night, Is always when trying to relieve/heal my T.
      I always considered 2 Factors. The Ear drum/ear nerve damage that-needed-to-heal aspect And then the Ear
      Pressure/Blood Pressure/ My Stress Level/ Worked up/ Not relaxed/ over-stressed (repeat sry ) aspect.

      I’ll call the first Factor A. And the second Factor B.

      Every night if the T. was bad i’d ask myself is this an exposing my self to damaging Audio/aggravating the ear nerve thing (Factor A ) or is this a blood pressure/stress level thing ( i’ve spent a half hour intensely texting with a friend and now i’m way too tense/wound up/stressed ) ( Factor B ) ….Or Both !

      I’d always compare my RINGING (damage/auditory trauma to ear nerve ) to a Sprained Ankle. If you have Type B Tinnitus, your ears right now are like a sprained ankle.

      You’re asking now, Can my body (ears ) heal ? That depends on how bad the damage was, your age, health and ability to heal. If you trip on a tennis ball on the tennis court, and roll/sprain/injure your ankle…. You don’t do it again. If you do keep on doing it, you may injure it so bad it may never heal/fully recover. The pain of the injured anxle is like the ringing that you’re hearing. For most people, your ankle will heal (no more pain ) ( if you let it ! ) So likewise, your Ears will heal. It’s just going to take a long time, like a sprained ankle. But Nerves take a long time to heal.

      Good News is, I can tell you, EAR DRUMS DO HEAL ! ( i’d like to have a face to face conversation with anyone who disagrees )

      There’s other examples of damage from our Modern day environment.

      1 Asthma

      2 Autism

      3 Cancer

      4 low Sperm Counts

      ….and Tinnitus

      Global Warming is not helping. When it’s hot out the T. is worse.

      Your ears are screaming back that they do Not approve of the damaging stimulus that you’re exposing them to.
      How much unprotected exposure to the Sun can your skin repeatedly and prolongingly handle before you develop skin cancer ? How much smoking before you get some ailment/complication from that ?
      I suppose most people must be naive to the concept that ear drums could be damaged.
      Will your skin recover from the unprotected sun exposure ? Or will there be permanent and harmful damage ?

      Will the damage just be temporary (like a headache is temporary ) ? Or will it be irreverseable (like decay/cavity of a tooth ) ( though teeth can be repaired ) (and i don’t know if it’s fair to compare live tissue like ears/skin/nerves to tissue such as hair/nails/teeth so i recognize that )

      For those with Type B Tinnitus, you need to get into books and magazines more. Your nights will be very quiet, peaceful and maybe even a little boring. No noise, no chaos and no television. Listening to electrical audio/speakers may be just aggratvating the damage ( like doing jumping jacks on a sprained anxle ). Just perpetuating the pain (in this case the Ringing in ears/head )

      Your ears have been over-stimulated to the point of injured. So in my opinion, No stimulus woul d be best. In my case it is. I got 1 book on T. It said, always be around noise to drown out the ringing. But nothing over 80dB. I don’t really agree with that. That’s just trying to treat…… and not even treat, just really cover/mask the symptoms. And i think it just aggravates the ear nerve damage more.

      I can’t take ANY tv at night. If there’s people with T. who are running the TV all night to try and mask the ringing
      God be with you. I could NEVER do that !

      When you first get T. it can be so bad you can’t diferentiate anything. It’s just constant hellacious ringing. But after 4 months or so, have passed, you start to learn/notice what is adverse to their recovery.

      These ProAudio/DJ/Musician guys who go all day around high-Watt ProAudio, like JBL speakers, or even Speakers with Horns…. to me is the equivalent of being in the sun all day with no sunscreen and no protection. The skin is like the ear nerve. How much can it take ? When will damage occur ? How bad will it be ?

      Nerves take a long time to heal. When i cut my thumb with a chain saw, the wound healed over the course of a month or two, but i could not hold a fork without pain. And that was the case, until well over a year. I never thought i’d be able to hold a fork the same again. Well now, i hold a fork just the same as before (feel no pain or discomfort )

      Regarding masking ( As Billie48 said usually masking can help calm the nerve and reduce the stress level which will be good for lowering Tinnitus loudness ) i recommend only some brief low volume, soothing music or any music you enjoy. Make sure it’s a clean album though, nothing too noisy, stupid, chaotic …you get the idea. I agree, and regularly experience, that this does seem to give some degree of loudness relief, temporarily.. It does

      I use Sennheiser Momentum headphones. The $299 headphones, not the $199 version. i distinctly noticed that my new iPod causes virtually no adverse ringing/aggravation afterward, to any extent, unlike the older iPod i had. I think apple and other manufacters are finally understanding. And the DACs in these new devices are much better.
      That reminds me! And this should make sense, i’ve noticed the difference between high-quality audio, and cheap speakers. When i go into SUBWAY, they have those nasty, cheap, Bose speakers in the ceilings. I had noticed for awhile, and wasn’t sure why, that my ears would always ring more when i left there. and when it had not been too noisy inside otherwise (besides the music ). Cheap, crappy speakers, outdoor speakers, and so on, will aggravate your Tinnitus ( for Type B Tinnitus sufferers ). But quality audio, at low low volumes, can actually be soothing ( thereby positively affecting FACTOR B ) and you may notice reduced ringing afterward.

      One of my favorite albums for this, is Bayreuth Zwei by Joachim Witt. By the time ‘In Tiefer Nacht ‘ comes around, my ears are even quieter. This is a completely German Album. I don’t know if it can be acquired any other way other than going to amazon.de (german amazon )

      So people with (what i call ) Type A Tinnitus have cochlear/Ear nerve damage…. But they never experienced any damaging auditory noise ? If so, then there recovery will be different from Type B Tinnitus sufferers.
      Does a Type A sufferer not have to follow any of the recovery guidelines (regarding damaging audio exposure ) that Type B Tinnitus sufferers do ? And Type B Tinnitus sufferers aren’t going to get much benefit from advice from a type A Tinnitus sufferer if they’re still constantly exposing themselves to damaging audio/noise. I don’t care how relaxed, or completely non-stress i am, If i had some exposure (or over exposure ) to any sort of too loud speaker noise, my ears are going to ring, and BAD.

      But for those with Type A Tinnitus, they don’t care at all about ‘not watching tv at night ‘ and so on, and in fact, for them, that might be a real nice way to get relief from their Tinnitus.

      If anyone is completely serious about getting rid of their T. (and knows they have Type B T. ) I recommend moving into a Mobile Home. They’re a very soft, quiet, and sound deadening environment. My mobile home is 64 feet long. my state doesn’t allow them any longer. My master bedroom is on one end of the mobile home, and my tv is on the other. I keep a small refrigerator on the tv side of the mobile home. Otherwise then, i have no other appliances, satellite tv equipment, stereos, computers or anything else anywhere else in the mobile home.

      For your ear nerve to heal, eat foods that promote strong nerves. Eating things high in Tryptophan such as walnuts and almonds before bed, will give your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself/ its nerves (including the ear nerve )

      Take B vitamins and lipoflavonoid
      The only other thing for building/repairing damaged nerve/tissue (and it’s just gonna take time ) is P90X results and recovery formula This stuff is loaded with Vitamin A and E, for after workout, to help your body/muscles heal/repair/strengthen after a workout.

      It took well over a year before my ringing kinda morphed into just Noise. a quieter strange, no more ring, type noise.

      There’s something to be said for the circulation thing. At night, if your feet are cold, put on socks. it should help.
      And that reminds me of a bunch of other stuff……

      I found that the noise of the shower and also kitchen sink were too much for my ears. It’s too loud.
      I recommend at night to take baths, and to even wear ear muffs while the tub is filing with water. That’s what i do.

      In the morning, i’m completely obedient to my ears. No noise. And when i have to run the kitch sink, i wear ear muffs.
      If you just got your T. you won’t notice any of this ( If you have got T. bad the next 4 months will be the hardest of your life ) but after awhile, you’ll notice what your ears like and DON’T LIKE.

      I’d also suggest

      1 no cable or satellite receiver in the bedroom Especially if it has a noisy/spinning DVR

      2 no Belkin USB Hub ( this caused the nasty high-pitched sound by my aunts computer )

      3 no Church or any establishment where you’re exposed to ProAudio systems

      4 Drive less. Driving causes/induces Stress AND is a constant noise environment.

      5 check that you do not drive any vehicle listed on GM Bulletin# PIT5166C ( it’s the electrical fans that make that God awful horrible high pitch electric sur-real noise that’s damaging Everyone’s Ears ! I went into a City Hall of a local town, this was in 2012 or so, and they had all these new TVs and electrical equipment mounted on the wall, and i heard this most horrible high-pitched constant Whine/noise that i’ve ever heard. ) If you have this kind of sound/noise in your work environment, definately a problem.

      Your Ears have to trust that they’re not going to be abused. They need to heal/rest then they will become quiet.
      Will you keep doing jumping jacks on your sprained ankle ( your ringing ears ) ? …who knows

      Calling tinnitus just psycological is the Dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. I hope most people realize they did/are doing something wrong. And don’t do it again, or anymore

      Is mine gone ? Yes. mostly. And the noise is nearly gone. Sometimes the noise will intensify to a little ring.

      I’m at the very end of the noise phase I’m over 2 years now

      After a year and a half the ring just turns into a nondescript noise (not a ring anymore )

      But last week ( after i thought i was completely restored/back to normal ) I went to a gentlemen’s club/strip club and was exposed to a high-powered ProAudio system. Reaffirming once more, that if expose myself to any high-wattage Audio it’ll bust out into a ring again

      With Love,
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      Mike TerMaaten

      Mike TerMaaten Member Benefactor

      Tinnitus Since:
      April 20, 2013
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      The ringing is like a sunburn (These ProAudio guys that don’t wear protection, are doing the equivalent of being out in the sun all day with no sunblock or shielding from the sun ). But it’s going to take more time to heal, unliike a sunburn. Because nerves take a rather long time to heal. And just like a sunburn, they’re (your ears ) going to be sensitive when you expose them to the same thing that caused the damage in the first place. How do you think your tissue is goin to react ? It’s gonna let you know when you’re damaging it, and it’s going to be Sensitive (begin to ring again getting aggravated ) to this stimuli for a long time.

      A sunburn just takes time to heal. there’s nothing else you can really do. putting aloe vera on a sunburn helps. And taking lipoflavinoid for ringing helps. You can also treat the pain/discomfort (with T. it’s a ringing )

      I liking giving more than just advice on how to cope. But maybe also how to heal.

      If you’re laying in bed, and your ears are really bugging you, go outside for 10 minutes. Let them ‘feel’ the outside.
      It will help. However, if you’re in the first few months of your T. Nothing is going to much change the ringing.
      Like the first few hours of a sunburn…..

      my ears are not silent. Like pitch black/ void of sound. No way. Just only this small twinkling kinda of a tiny sound.

      Once you mess up your ears like this they are not going to be the same. But they can 98% restore.

      Love how everybody sits on the computer for hours and hours and then gets floaters or high pitched ringing, and then goes to the Internet and startes to complain about it.

      Get away from the electronics and go outside…...

      I was thnking about it, and having (what i call ) Type B Tinnitus is comparable to having Type II Diabetes in a lot of ways.

      Type A Tinnitus > Type I Diabetes

      Type B Tinnitus > Type II Diabetes

      Type II Diabetes ( Type B Tinnitus ) is much more common, less serious, and is curable/ reverseable with proper Lifesytle changes !

      There’s no medications though for Type B Tinnitus. With Type II Diabetes there is medication to alter/control blood sugar ( bio chemistry ). With nerves, there’s nothing to restore (regenerate like new ) a damaged nerve, besides letting the nerve heal itself.

      Your unhealthy lifestyle choices/bad decisions ( or simply just ignorance which is also the case for many with type II diabetes ) has resulted in your current condition. You didn’t know what you were doing to your body. Or you thought you were tougher and could take it (like eating 4 cheeseburgers a week and still considering yourself in good health )

      In my opinion, the likelyhood of type B tinnitus sufferers overcoming their Tinnitus, will be about as likely as the type II diabetic overcoming his/her type II diabetes. It’s takes seriouis dedication (title of my Thread ) and devotion and commitment to Lifestyle changes.

      If there’s anywhere you go that has commercial grade ProAudio ( JBL Speakers Horns and so on ) you need to absain/avoid that for 1 year. I found that even just once a week exposure to this type of environment, was Perpetuating my T. Restated, if even just once a week, you expose your ears for an hour or so, this will be adverse to them healing/becoming quiet. It’ll take them 3 days to get over that experience, and just about day 7, when they’re feeling a little confident again, WHAM, there you go re-exposing them again.
      To test my theory, Try avoiding these kind of environments for just ONE MONTH - and see if you notice how much better your ears are.

      Someone wrote the following-

      Started to notice it when I was 16 after a snowball hit my left ear. A year later I went to what I thought would be an acoustic concert that turned out to be punk/hardcore stuff. Got T in both ears after an hour. Needless to say I didn't know what T was back then. Only noticable at night so I basically ignored it. From then on I took really good care of my ears. Never went to loud places and listened to music at low levels. I remember my friend couldn't believe how low I listened to my music. Then, 4 years later I got drunk and stayed at a loud night club for 2 hours and destroyed my ears. I was there with 3 other friends and none of them got T or bad hearing after. Life's not fair I guess..

      I consider myself warned. NO ProAudio exposure, especially in an indoor environment like that. At least not for more than 5 minutes…..
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      Mike TerMaaten

      Mike TerMaaten Member Benefactor

      Tinnitus Since:
      April 20, 2013
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      Thanks for the Private Messages. please post in this thread too.. !

      People (and especially T. sufferers trying to recover ) need to spend more time outdoors. Besides abstaining from all electric audio/speakers, Being outside is the second best thing you can do to reverse, calm/quiet the T. ringing.

      I also text on my phone much less. And this has helped. Having light Aspergers, i’m quite aware of what ‘raises my blood pressure’ /stresses me.

      There’s also certain noises like a running kitchen sink, or in the shower, or running bathroom sink, ( or even just the Air Conditioning being on ! ) that seem to emit frequencies/noise at the exact pitch/frequency that really seems to aggravate our ear nerve damage/injury.

      more suggestions

      1 Order a few pairs of Ear Muffs

      2 Be outside more

      If you spend all morning indoors, or worse, all day indoors this is not good. If you start to spend at least mornings, the entire morning, outside, i guarantee the intensity of the ringing will decrease.

      Regarding initial anxiety, The anxiety decreases over time because you just become accustom to the sound. That isn’t rocket science. Initially when you get T., you know this is different/something new and obtrusive, and you don’t like the change (to say the least ), and you remember how it used to be. At first you’re saying, Go away! Go away! What is this ! And then after a few months you become used to it.

      I wish a movie would be made about T. Or at least get depicted in a movie to some extent. That would increase awareness Immensely. Every kid seems to know everything in just about every movie. Adam Sandler… Jim Carrey.. Matt Damon.. Ben Affleck ! where are you?! Let’s do this! Jack Nicolson… About T. ( ..instead of ‘About Schmidt ‘ ) ….Good Will Ringing (Good Will Hunting )

      The best things you can do for your T. are

      1 no electrical speakers exposure

      2 no environment with electronics or a high pitched noise

      3 be outside

      4 protect ears in any unavoidable noisy environments

      5 Google - 2012 GM radio noise. 2013 radio noise

      I’m noticing A LoT of People got their T. in 2012 and 2013.

      For those of you in north America with a 2012 or 2013 GM Vehicle.

      Please read

      GM Document ID: 2885978

      #PIT5166A: High Pitch Sound From Radio Display - ( June 28, 2012 )
      Models: 2012 Buick Enclave
      2012 Chevrolet Avalanche, Malibu, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Traverse
      2012 GMC Acadia, Sierra, Yukon

      Equipped with radio RPO US8 or UU1

      The manufacturer was Delphi.

      Customers may comment about a high pitch buzz, whine, squeal, or hum noise from the radio display

      There were 2 subsequent Bulletins.....

      At the Chevy Traverse Forums a guy from Harrisburg, PA wrote in June 2013-

      GM Service bulletin #PIT5166. New radio installed today and sound is GONE!!!!!

      Here's some photos


      Foam earplugs are worthless. Only the Silicone ones make any difference.


      This is the sink at my aunts, that make my ears ring more. P90X Results and Recovery formula to the right.


      Always wear Earmuffs, Peltor 30+ NRR when running a bathroom or kitchen sink. Showers are bad, baths are much better. My ears improved when i made the switch


      The Sennheiser Momentum headphones are now $181.18 at Amazon.com Guess the price changed over the past couple years. You want the over-ear design. ...Not the on-ear design ( which are $99.99 or $93.20 )


      My 2006 Sony tv. which rarely gets used. maybe once a week, maybe. notice the 1 removed speaker.


      The only other running appliance in the whole house


      One of 4 pair of Peltors i own. 1 in car. 2 here. 1 at aunts house


      my SHERWOOD Cadence SPT (super pillow top ) bed. With COSTCO pure memory foam and mattress pad on top. SitnSleep sold me this $2400 bed for $1000 since it was a 'floor model'. Notice 2nd bed in background.
    5. AUTHOR
      Mike TerMaaten

      Mike TerMaaten Member Benefactor

      Tinnitus Since:
      April 20, 2013
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      Hi Everybody
      I've got a few things more things to add here

      Daily, make yourself some raw Carrot, Cucumber and PINEAPPLE juice.

      Everyday. 1.5 glasses.
      I had done slight damage to my gums to Tooth 11 & 12 from brushing too hard, this was back in 2003 and 2004.
      They had always had their same look. But now i've been doing this RAW JUICE for the past 4-5 months, and i can actually see now they've improved !

      I brought this up to my aunt and also how my ears are better than they've ever been, And she said, Yea, Pineapple is very healing.

      2 Be outdoors after dinner until bedtime. Being exposed to television and electric audio in the evening ( the few hours before bed ) is a completely TERRIBLE practice if you expect to have quiet/silent ears.
      Everyday, after dinner, go outside, ideally..... chill by a pool and read, Or go swimming, or do exercise -but certainly no exercies indoors, or where there's any exposure to speakers or audio.

      3 One Night A Week, Knock Out
      I mean, take a 2-3mg of Ambien along with some light anti-anxiety medication, and have a very calm night.
      The next day do very little. Hang at a park, chill at the Beach. Rest and relax.

      One of the reasons for your T. is that your nerves have been over-excited, over-stimulated.

      Anyway, i can't emphasize enough the making/ juicing of raw carrot, cucumber and Pineapple juice daily.
      ( my aunt buys it at Trader Joes here in California )

      The results are gradual. You need to do this for at least 2-3 weeks, before your body will really start to respond/react. Do Not Stop. After 2 months, you'll see......

      I'd say only after 3-4 months discontinue if you haven't noticed any improvement in the T. whatsoever ( which i seriously doubt ).
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      mild hearing loss
      What you are trying to say sir.. I didn't read your longgggg story how are you feeling now... What's the intensity of your T.. Compared to starting stage.. Do reply
    7. joseph Ghass

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      Too verbose posts. Be more specific to help others
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      April 2015
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      loud concert
      @Mike TerMaaten
      I found your post very interesting. When I first got T I went to an Ayurvedic Dr. She told me many of the same things that you mentioned like going outside and avoiding electronics. She also spoke a lot about getting close to nature and earthly things. I thing we would all love to have that pill that we could take that would make it go away. Well we don't have it. We need to do all we can to make it better and not get worse. Keep posting please.
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      Mike TerMaaten

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      April 20, 2013
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      Robert44 .....that's it!... Wow. ..and well said.
      If you have T., ..i think you may actually heal.. I couldn't agree more, with Everything you said.
      Feel free to post here anytime to like.....

      I hope you post again, if/when you have more to add.

      Kiran, ..you didn't even read it ? We're not going to get ANYWHERE with behavior like that !
      What am i trying to say ? Why don't you try READING IT ONCE ( at least ) before you ask what am i saying.

      Most of what i wrote was not me telling my story.
      Is it too much to ask that someone actually read everyting i wrote, before posting and commenting ( on something they didn't even read )

      Kiran, you're gonna need to have more patience, and self-discipline if you expect to heal your ears.
      On a scale of 0 to 10 ..a 7 or 8. i can't find the strength right now, to type into words. I'm amost getting anxiety right now even thinking about it.
      Right now, if i try to listen real hard, and i can Maybe, Maybe detect this little tiny, tiny, faint, little sur-real sound ..i suppose.
      But i've been in a fresh new place, like since the past 2 months.
      One of the biggest things, is been leaving after dinner, and going to place that is outside, and just resting by this pool for about an hour. .....then soaking in a hot tub, for about 5 minutes, then...... going into the Pool. for at least 15 minutes.
      Then when i get home to my own place, do basically nothing. Look at PEOPLE magazine. Maybe text one or two people back.... spend no more than 10 minutes on the cell phone, or messing around with SnapChat.

      THEN..... about 30 minutes before bed, go to this designated place (not the bedroom ) and listen to the iPod with my Sennheiser momentum headphones on low volume. THIS IS A MAJOR TREAT.
      I listen to my favorite albums from high school. and favorite German Rock albums.
      Albums that i already know very well. Albums that i enjoy.

      Try the 1997 Album by Radiohead entitled ' Ok Computer '. Start with track 2.

      I like my Metallica, Black Album ( the self titled album ) on occassion.

      The 1996 Tool album, entitled Aenema.

      German Rock..

      Kopfschuss, by Megaherz

      Querschnitt, by Megaherz

      Rosenrot, by Rammstein

      Reise, Reise ..by Rammstein

      Badmotofinger ....by Soundgarden

      Soundgarden album with 'black hole sun'

      Greatest Hits, by Korn

      Undertow, by Tool ( Excellent album )

      Then also Fresh Aire VI ..by Mannheim Steamroller

      Joseph, understand how you feel. I'm the same way. ..i gave a lot of thought to every bit of every part of what i wrote. By the 20th line of my first post.... i get right into it. For the most concise version, Robert44's last post there cannot be beat ! + pill up 1 night a week followed by a full day of rest the next day + fresh, raw carrot cucumber and PINEAPPLE juice ..every dam day.

      Are you not relaxed or comfortable when you're at the computer ? If so, you should attempt to improve that.
      When i'm on the computer (like i am right now ) i'm sitting in a recliner couch, with the iMac on a serving tray type table in front of me/over my legs, with the keyboard on my left leg, and the mouse on a wood table to my left ( i'm left handed ).

      limit time driving an automobile. NO Car Audio.
      No events, parties, resturants, church or any venue with speakers.
      No television at night, or anytime of day, is best.
    10. kiran kumar

      kiran kumar Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      mild hearing loss
      I read your story brother.... How is your feeling compared to when it was started... On the scale of 10. What is the intensity you had when it started..?

      Now rate the intensity you have.. Please reply quickly
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    11. AUTHOR
      Mike TerMaaten

      Mike TerMaaten Member Benefactor

      Tinnitus Since:
      April 20, 2013
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      Joseph, ..let me get right to the point

      I cannot recommend enough making raw juiced carrot, cucumber and PINEAPPLE juice daily






      Kiran, thank you for reading my posts. Did you read my last post ? I answered your questions.

      I had an idea...... since you're not catching everything i write.... Pictures !

      I'm enjoying about the best month i've ever had Ever since April 2013. No Tinnitus. only a barely noticeable little tiny weird sound sometimes.

      But i still do very little. no TV. no Audio ( except headphones on the iPod for 20-30minutes ) no exposure to anything that aggrivates my ears.

      I read in an Audio Forum once, ..that while your ears are Ringing, they will be very sensitive, and easily damagable. I found this to be true.

      If you have T. (caused from some external source/ damaging exposure ) ..and you're still 1 talking on your cell phone all the time everyday 2 listening to the radio in the car 3 watching TV 4 or in any environment where you're getting exposed to any speakers or audio ......don't expect the T. to go away.

      On a daily basis, i have NO exposure to TV or any speakers. After dinner, i leave, go chill by a Pool, ..outside where i'm also breathing in Fresh air, letting my mind/body/nerves relax ...and letting my body absorb all the nutrients from the raw juice. Then i eventually go home. I lay down and almost get giddy at how the T. is gone. The only 'sin' i commit is messing with my cell phone for about 10 minutes ( at night when i get home ). BUT THEN I SHUT IT DOWN. i turn it on around noon the next day.

      People are exposing themselves to stuff they don't realize is perpetuating/aggrivating their T.

      You have to learn how to heal your body. and with the Ear Nerve, it's particularly hard.
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    12. kiran kumar

      kiran kumar Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      mild hearing loss
      I use mobile excessively... Is that makes any problem
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    13. Michael Leigh

      Michael Leigh Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

      Brighton, UK
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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Noise induced
      @kiran kumar
      In my opinion, using a mobile phone excessively is not a good idea for anyone, especially for those that have tinnitus. If you use the phone on hands free it's better but I advise that you cut down the amount of time that you use a mobile phone. Anything in excess is not good.
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