3 Day Spike of Static!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cher69, Aug 28, 2014.

    1. Cher69

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      I'm on day 3 of huge increasein static buzzzzz I hear it all the time - it over rides my normal single tone left ear and it's a constant static buzzzzzz I thought it was maybe cos I'm tired having a blip recently with sleep back on sleep meds at moment to get me some rest I'm not over worried about anything apart from sleep and my head and ears are alive with this static !

      This is my first major t set back in a while but the buzz is so annoyin I hear it all the time whereas before I could tune out from my high tone T ;(

      Any ideas guys ? Cher x
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    2. billie48

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      not sure
      Hi Cher, T can do any strange thing any given day. Hope the new sound will fade. If it doesn't and the doctors can't find anything wrong, and it is annoying to you to the point you react negatively to it with sleeplessness or anxiety, then you may need meds to deal with that, and you may also want to consider masking the buzz. If you do want masking, search the forum and you should find many threads on that.
    3. Jay M

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      I know exactly what you're talking about. From my recent experience this week, lowering my daily sodium intake to under 2500mg has minimized my buzzing.
    4. LadyDi

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      Hugs, hun. Like you, I have that sleep issue. Ugh.

      My guess is it will settle down after you get some rest. I don't ever have any sounds different from my usual whine... it's just the volume that increases.
    5. Craggy 65

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      Noise Trauma
      Hi,I,m on day three of a spike,and would grateful for some assurance that it should settle down,any comments would be appreciated.i have resorted to taking a diazapam
    6. I wonder if my recent buzzzzz is from increased sodium..It really sucks..I hope it goes..

      Anyways. .so yea, food, stress, sleep..all can affect your T..inflammation too!

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