3 Months In and I Have a Question... Felt a Spike and the "Volume" Turned Back Up...

Discussion in 'Support' started by bianca81, Dec 3, 2015.

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      Hello everyone! Ive been on this website on and off...so im 3 months in with T now and i was doing much better until a few days ago....i was over the panic initial.stages and varely thinking about my T during the day i thought i was doing really good and adjusting to it u til a few days ago i felt a "spike" and the "volume" turned back up again...im not as anxious as before and learned to control my reaction to it but is this normal?? (I dont mean to be negative i was really doing well but am worried now...) im staying positive and thinking if my brain got used it it ince it will again...i hope!
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      Hi Bianca81 ,
      Tinnitus can spike anytime for a reason or no reason at all but usually settles down to your normal base sound .
      Tinnitus can change in sound and strength and more than one sound together and in one ear or both ears and in your head.....
      Learning not to get stressed when it happens will help as stress will make it worse too.....
      I'm sure you spike will calm down soon....lots of love glynis
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      Thanks for your reply! I didnt know it could spike and change like this...so strange! I remember when it happened i was sitting in the basement by the fire chatting with my mom and husband when the volume suddenly turned way up for no apparent reason....i had a minor panic attack when it happened ran upstairs and tried to calm myself down so embarrassing! I hope i will get back to the level i was before....thanks for your support!
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      Sounds like you're in touch with your emotions.
      You may be a candidate for the BTS method. It costs nothing.

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