60 Proved to be a noisy birthday!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MartyE, Jan 28, 2014.

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      Nice to find so many folks here. Well, perhaps "nice" isn't the right word. Perhaps comforting? ;-)
      About the same time I turned 60, I noticed I have T. I'm a beginner, having dealt with the symptoms for only a few weeks now.
      Mine is somewhere between a loud high hiss or a scream. It's hard to tell if it's from one or both ears, sometimes it is steady, sometimes pulsating in time to my heartbeat, and also comes and goes, and is affected by head/jaw movement, etc.
      My PCP just gave me a physical, found nothing really wrong. He said he thinks it could be an imbalance in my Eustachian tubes, due to sinus trouble, then turns around and says it's common as you get older and I'll likely get used to it... in other words, he doesn't have a clue, lol! I did play trombone for several years in Jazz/Rock bands, in front of a very LOUD trumpet section. Even so, my hearing loss is mild, manly the high range in one ear.

      I just started on the Lipoflavinoid. Again, one pharmacist and a guy I work with says it really works. Another Pharmacist in the same store says it's nothing more than snake oil. I'm hoping the placebo affect will at least kick in!
      To top it off, I also have a mild anxiety disorder, and needless to say, this isn't helping. I take Clonopin, which, according to which article you read can either help or cause T.....if it's on the internet, it has to be true, right? :)
      Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself.
      BTW, did anyone else initially have mild pain in the ears, along with a hyper sensitivity to noise?
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      Marty welcome to the forum. - Oh no, not another person that's got this awful head/ear noise.
      I wish no one had this. I initially expected my ENT/doctors to have a cure. Modern medicine should have a cure.

      Don’t like to show my age, but it hit me at 59. I have heartbeat effect ALL the time. As you wrote - in other words, he doesn't have a clue! lol, I think that's funny too. Also, at the time this happen for me, my whole ears felt sore to the touch, along with a few days of the hyper sensitivity to noises. This shouldn't be part of old age, were still young. Welcome to a great forum, I like to say people here understand, because they have it too.
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      Welcome, Marty!

      I am also in my 60's, with hearing loss in one ear, tinnitus and pulsating in the same ear. Yes, I had pain in my ear when the tinnitus first started, about 25 years ago. The pain soon abated, and I ended up with a mildly ringing ear.
      Mine got worse back in 2010, when I took an ototoxic drug for blood pressure. After I took that drug, my ringing got much worse, and I also ended up with a constant pulsating, in time with my heartbeat.

      The good news is, after 3 1/2 years, my tinnitus has calmed down quite a bit, and I can live with it again. I do have hearing loss, but a hearing aid did not work for me, because it amplified the pulsating. I've learned ways to cope with the tinnitus, and I believe I have also habituated to it.

      I just want you to know that, even though it is really bad right now, and you are sensitive to noise, things will probably improve over the next several months.

      Glad you joined us, and I wish you a quiet evening!

      Best wishes,
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      Whats up Marty! Happy and sad to
      see you here on TT!!! You'll find fantastic support and info and treatment ideas here (and great people too!!).

      Bail the lifoflavinoid (my opinion)! Waste of $$$. I tried for months and months...nothing.

      I also take Klonopin (low dose 1mg) nightly, which seems to help level me out psychologically, but may increase my T (net positive???). Interesting....

      Anyhow, :welcomesignanimation: stay connected and I hope you find some peace and relief soon!!!

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