7 Days Low Sugar & Caffeine / Zinc / Magnesium

Discussion in 'Support' started by Atomic, May 4, 2015.

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      Hey Everyone,

      Bit of an experiment blog

      Quick overview , had the biggest T spike ever after going to a loud venue , the noise is above music and voices (scary!!) :( . I had habituated a while back when i first got it but the frequency changed after going to the venue and also was much louder. after a few weeks of no sleep .. anxiety and being unable to even meditate i have decided to amp up nutrition and supplements.

      i have removed gluten and almost all sugars apart from a little bit of sweet potatoes after a work out.My Fats have increased ,more nuts and avocadoes. Coffee is out (this one was tough as hell) amped up my Zinc and Magnesium plus doing around 2ooomg of vit C per day.

      As i type this my first morning i havent even noticed my T . closing ears the volume is lower. Mood feels a bit better , wonder if i am habituating to the new frequency or this is having positive effects. Will keep the log going.

      I would say has gone from a level 7 to a level 4/5.

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      Noise exposure + Antibiotics
      This may be coincidence but everyone's T is different. Anxiety has a huge affect too don't forget. You may have just been panicking about being in a loud venue leading to your spike. Now you've tried something new, this may have taken your mind off it so your anxiety has lowered, thus your T has too.

      Or it may have just been a temporary spike after alll! T is so subjective so it's hard to tell really, but great news that it has gone down to a nicer level! :) some people say caffeine has a huge affect, others say it has no effect. I've avoided it since but may try it again.
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      Acoustic trauma
      It really depends on the person. I have experimented by both reducing and cutting out caffeine several times over the many years that I've had T to see if it would reduce the level of severity. It made no difference at all in my T. The only way to find out is to eliminate caffeine and see what happens.

      If you're a coffee lover this is no easy thing. Also, if you stop abruptly, you can get some pretty nasty head aches. It's a lot easier if you taper off gradually.

      Now, if you'll excuse me while I go make myself a cup of coffee...:D
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      Even if the new improvement isn't due to the diet, it's always a good idea to eat healthier so keep it up!!
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      Sometimes diet change can be the reason to reduce T. I came to know that years ago after reading up on Paul Tobey, a concert pianist and also a feature speaker of ATA back then. He had really bad T and he said two things really help him. One was to engage on something that is really interesting or meaningful (just like keeping busy and engaged in life), and the second was that he tested out different types of foods like keeping a diet log of sort. Eventually he came to some foods which he can take without causing spikes. That is his experience and this is personal. Each will have to decide and experiment what works or not.
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      Unknown. Sudden loss of 100% hearing R ear with Tinnitus
      Not my coffee!!! :woot:
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      Unknown p
      I gave up caffeine at the start of the year to see if it made any difference and unfortunately it didn't.

      I resumed drinking coffee after I lost the will to live without it.

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