8 Months In — I Can Reliably Manipulate My Tinnitus Tones / Sounds with External Noise: WTF?

Discussion in 'Support' started by GBB, Mar 14, 2021.

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      Almost 8 months has passed since I originally joined this forum. I'm more stable now though days are still challenging - I'm not sure my tinnitus has really improved as much as I've worked around it - my computer is outside of my bedroom, and I haven't left the house for more than an hour since October due to reactivity.

      One thing that has become evident over time is not only the very obvious truth that my tinnitus is reactive, but that it reacts to different sounds in different ways, which makes me feel a bit brain sick as I don't hear many people describe this. For example:

      1) I can make my tinnitus high pitched and tss tss tss noise by listening to low humming like a washing machine, fan, shower, or road noise. The louder the noise the louder the reaction.

      2) When it's high pitched I can make it lower pitched by listening to high pitched neuro modulation. I can take it from a high, shrill tone to a very loud but totally mutually exclusive wawawawawa noise.

      It's so freaking weird and I've never heard any mechanism of action postulated for this, though I'm not sure how it could be in the ear. The unfortunate thing is no external noise seems to make it quieter.

      Has anyone else had this reliable reactivity? I fear COVID-19 ending and having to sit in an office with ambient airflow noise, making my head turn into a high pitched symphony.
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      I feel similarly.

      It's either hear the screaming in silence and wavering sound, or listen to white noise and hear distortion, thumping, twinkles everything.

      The low hums and thumps are... loud... and... suicide inducing by far. I can live with a ring.
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      Hi GBB, this is my first post. I would love to chat with you directly. Is that possible?

      It caught my eye that your T reacts to car rides, computer fans and water, which is exactly what's been happening to me. Mine started 6-7 months ago. I actually started getting some relief when turning my dome noise machine (wind based) OFF, because it was triggering my T. Regarding your hearing/Audiogram question, I think I have the answer: a hissing T sound is around 14K-16K, which is beyond the hearing range of most adults. Anyone over 30-40 should have almost complete hearing loss in that range. It's not really of any importance for hearing speech or even music, because it's such a ridiculously high frequency range, but I suspect that that loss is what can trigger non tonal high T like hissing and buzzing.

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