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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ed209, Sep 15, 2016.

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      Most of us here know exactly who Julian Cowan Hill is. Many will disagree with him, but this clip in particular - which I just stumbled upon - really resonated with me because it hits the nail on the head to how my tinnitus behaves.

      Is tinnitus physical or psychological?

      The more relaxed I am the better. I'm like a parrot repeating myself, but once I stop interacting with my T (including talking about it) I find it fades into the background of my consciousness and becomes a non issue.

      When he talks about cementing it, that's how I felt earlier on when I became totally obsessed. It nearly destroyed me completely, but I just about crawled out of the deepest darkest hole with my sanity intact. I really do need to stop posting here once more like I did a few months back, as I really don't want to risk making my tinnitus too significant again by talking about it too much. I'll admit I only intended to make one post since returning but found myself getting drawn into debates again which isn't ideal. I just can't help myself :)
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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      this guy has T due to anxiety/stress/depression... not noise trauma !..so yes getting relaxed works wonders for him, no surprise here
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      Relax Bobby, many people on this forum may benefit from this advice. T comes in many forms and it's not really understood at all so no one actually knows the true mechanisms behind it.

      I'll admit you're far more likely to benefit if you haven't suffered an actual trauma of some kind, but that being said I have relatively bad T from noise damage (most likely cause), and mine gets a lot better when I focus on other things and stop letting tinnitus become the centre of my universe. On some level I think it can help anyone, but even if it's only of use to a small percentage of the forum, then surely it may be of help to someone, even if it's not you.

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