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Discussion in 'Support' started by theekarwash, Jul 17, 2014.

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      Hey all, I just have a few questions I'd like to ask you all about what you think about some things regarding tinnitus.

      1. What does habituation sound like? It is just like silence as you no longer hear your T?

      2. Can T actually go? Not just habituate, but actually completely heal itself?

      3. Why do you think it only bothers certain people? (all of us on TT I'm assuming :p)

      4. How are you getting on with your T? What is/isn't working for you?

      Just wanted to ask these few questions as I'm fairly new to T and I think TT is an amazing community and it's really helped myself and others included, I'm thoroughly grateful for the support on here. You guys rock.
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      Welcome to the board. We are here to help newer sufferers to feel better and feel at home. In answer to your questions:
      1) Habituation to me is even when T is ringing loud, your brain does not treat it as a threat and so it is not aware of the ringing most of the time. Even at times the loud T is heard, the brain doesn't care about it, much like your brain won't even notice you are in a loud plane with the jet noise when you are deep into watching a movie.

      2) There are reports of T fading or disappeared. You can read the success stories here and on other support forums like Yuku board. There are enough samples of people who claim their T just gone. So anything is possible if your T is so new. This is especially possible if the T has a medical cause and the condition causing T has been healed. Try to remain positive and get busy with life again. In time with a good attitude, you may habituate to T and not aware of it most of the time.

      3) T bothers some people and not others. That is life. People are different. Different character disposition and temperament, different personality and background, oh ya, different DNA, LOL. It also has to do with how people process this T signal. Some react with stress that the future will be all sufferings. Some remain positive that they can get used to the ringing and so they remain calm. I used to think that loudness is the factor until I met a lady who has T so loud that she can't hear people sometimes. She even jokes with me that once she even couldn't hear the fire truck siren when her apartment had a false fire alarm. Yet she was not devastated about her T. She just told me she would get used to it and that is about it. Gosh! What is in her DNA?

      4) I used to be overwhelmed by my ultra high pitch T and severe hyperacusis. But these days I don't care a dime about T. H just faded but T is still around, same as loud and high pitch. However, it has lost its tyranny over my life. I never thought this possible but now I know it is doable. For brevity, I will skip the detail of what works for me, but ask you to check out my success story post here.

      Good luck, take care and God bless your recovery.
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      I've had T for 17 months. I think I'm pretty much habituated.

      1) Habituation does not have a sound, it's how you react to the sound of your T. My T is always there. When I'm busy I don't notice it. When I'm not, I do, but it doesn't bother me. Think of the sound of your air condition or heater running in the background. Sometimes you notice it, often you don't, but you do hear it.

      2) & 3) - See Billie48's post. Can't do better than that.

      4) My T no longer affects me. Well, sometimes I wish I didn't have it, but then sometimes I wish I was 17 again. It's just part of life now. Can't do anything to stop it, so I might as well accept it.

      You'll get there, one way or another. Looks like you are only a couple of months in. Trust in time and yourself.

      Good luck.
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      Hey, theekarwash, .. good questions!
      1) Habituataion sounds like the world outside of my head.
      2) Through the years, mine has certainly gone, but never healed.
      3 ) I think sensitive people are bothered by it.
      4) I'm doing fine. 40 years.
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