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      In 2010 my tinnitus really kicked, I went to numerous ear nose and throat doctors and ear specialists, and they all said it was eith just in my head(DUHHHHHHHH) or it was caused by grinding my teeth at night. So I did what I was told and paid $2500.00 for a zen hearing aid-WASTE OF MONEY. I bought Lipo-Flavenoid pills-another WASTE OF MONEY. I have done extensive research and still can't find help, it's gotten to the point I wanna just ram a pencil in my ear to stop the ringing. Does anyone know if this Tinnitus Terminator is actually effective or just a scam? I'm hoping someone out here has some way or theory that worked for them. I live in Wisconsin and I'm a hunter so my hearing is critical. I have fallen into depression and felt my world change big time and yet nobody in my family can realize or understand what I'm going through. Is there anyone that can help me? I'm new to these forums and I'm hoping I can find some guidance or help here.
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      Cold/Flu (Minor) >>> Botched Acoustic Reflex Test (Severe)
      Tinnitus Terminator is a home version of laser therapy aka LLLT (low level laser treatment) unfortunately a scam im not saying it 100% wont work but i don't think theirs a single person out there that has had any results, alot of greedy people prey on Tinnitus because they know people are desperate and will pay a "reasonable" amount of money for relief.

      Unfortunately no one has really worked out a "theory" some people alter their diet and lifestyle and claims it works for them etc.

      People usually take a range of supplements such as Vitamin B12, Magnesium , Ginko B, Trobalt, but again the level of effectiveness is either a placebo effect or down to an individual level. But if you've had tinnitus for 6 years now and its due to acoustic trauma form shooting a gun i cant really imagine these would do alot for you, so maybe save your money.

      Tinnitus is very personalised because its brain related therefore fails to have any kind of simple theory to combat it.

      Currently there is no effective formal treatment for Tinnitus apart from a few therapy options, but if your like me your probably thinking what the fuck is therapy going to do, SOME people claim that CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy) can help them habituate to it better but i can guess you want a cure/reduction.

      If your really desperate for some treatment there are a few things you could look into, but they are not cheap and there is no grantee they will work at all.

      1. Acoustic CR Neuromodulation (playing sounds that match your tinnitus if its tonal to eventually reduce your tinnitus over time, although does not work on everyone) you can do this one yourself for free if your confident with technology and theirs a guide on how to do it on this forum somewhere but it needs to be done right or your just playing more noise into your ears. If not there are some places around the world e.g. UK/Germany that offer this service, but its very expensive, talking up to $6000, not sure if its in the US yet.

      2. rTMS (Transcrainial Magnetic Stimulation) mainly used to treat depression but recently discovered it can reduce tinnitus in some people and is currently being used in clinical trials, again this is expensive, in the UK i think its like £250 per session and they recommend about 10.

      3. DBS ( Deep brain stimulation) cannot recommend this, more of a last resort, as this involves drilling holes into your head implanting electrodes into ones brain (whilst your awake) to de-hypersensize the neurons in your brain that produce tinnitus, im pretty sure they only offer this to people with Parkinson disease and without insurance can cost $30-50k.

      4. Stem cell treatment, again a long shot and very costly, i know that someone here on this forum has undergone treatment and racked up a bill of something like $50,000 in total and (someone correct me if im wrong) failed to see any results as of yet.

      So if money is no issue for you there is some stuff you can try.

      If not i guess just wait it out until some scientist comes up with effective universal treatment, although there have been some recent breakthroughs https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/09/160901102734.htm no one has any clue when that could be, some say 5 years some say decades, some say Tinnitus will not be cured in our lifetime as its simply too complex. No one really knows

      I want to say that because of all the noise out there these days, headphones, festivals, gaming becoming more and more popular that Tinnitus is on the rise, its also a huge problem in the military costing governments billions, although it may not be as known as some of the major diseases, awareness is increasing i think.
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      Meniere's Disease
      I hope you are getting lots of support for depression from your doctor and highly recommend Mental Health who are wonderful and 24 hour support 7 days a week.
      ......lots of love glynis
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      Loud noises
      I am also in the Wisconsin area and after doing some Googling I came across this program at UW Madison: https://csd.wisc.edu/audiology-tinnitus-hyperacusis-program.htm

      It's a little steep as far as price goes, but might be worth a try if you have the money. It would fall under #1 of what @Tim Hogan listed.

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