Abraham Shulman Tinnitus Protocol (Clonazepam Plus Gabapentin)

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Chinmoku, Oct 9, 2020.

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      Klonopin and Gabapentin are, as mentioned, serious drugs. But it's all about the dosage levels. There is a lot of evidence that taking minute amounts of LSD can be beneficial to some people, and again, things are kept at a very tiny dose level. A little Bourbon is fine, drink a couple of gallons and you would probably die.

      I ride an eBike and it is very dangerous if I am not in the present moment. Two seconds of wool gathering can remove you from the planet very quickly. But I would consider this 2 dug protocol, if the dose levels were kept so low as not to affect my reaction time. I already take Gabapentin (and plan on stopping it due to long term usage worries) w/ 50-75 mg of Benadryl, which is a great sleep aid.
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