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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Mickey Holmes, Dec 1, 2015.

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      I was born with the noise of my beating heart in my right ear. This may be a blessing at this stage in my life, I am an older gentleman. Through the years with various surgeries on both my ears I am left with several buzzing, swishing and other hard to describe noises in my head. As I said I am living with and doing okay since I retired from my job of 29 years. I retired because the coping became very hard. There were hard to understand or even describe affects caused from the constant roar, buzzing crickets etc... that was/is always there. It sometimes became/becomes very hard to remember things or to keep my mind on things and for even years, very slowly development. I did not realize for a long time what was happening or what caused it, didn't realize there was a problem because this was normal for me. Finally I had the last surgery on my good ear then realized that there was more noises than before and began to realize that I had a serious problem. I had, as a younger person, a very good memory. I realized that when I gave reports at my work I needed notes or an assistant to keep focused on the subject at hand. I became depressed, sometimes confused and embarrassed a lot. I read above that some have somehow overcame the noise and it even went away. I will assure my tinnitus is not going anywhere. It is always there, always loud, always present with whatever I do. There is no relief. I am now retired and doing good under the circumstances. I also have a lot of hearing loss. I am in the process of receiving a Baha hearing device that conducts sound through the bones directly into my cochlear. Looking forward to this new stage in my fight with loss of hearing, the constant noise deep inside my head. Thank you for your attention listening to my lifelong problems with hearing/tinnitus. I'm praying this Baha will help clear the way for me to better survive!!
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      I hope it helps you Mickey! Good luck and keep us posted
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      Hi, @Mickey Holmes,

      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk! Thanks for telling us your tinnitus story, and I'm sorry to hear you've been suffering with this condition for your entire life. I truly hope the Baha device helps you with your hearing loss, and maybe even improves your tinnitus somewhat.

      I understand some of what you've been going through. I also have a constant heartbeat sound in my right ear that never goes away, along with some other sounds, such as a high-pitched hissing noise. I also have hearing loss in my right ear.

      It looks like you've been to a number of doctors and had some surgeries. What type of surgery did you have on your good ear? I hope it has helped to improve your hearing in that ear.

      I've had a number of tests, but no cause has been found, so I've been living with these sounds now for the past five years. I was retired, but returned to work part-time because it is a distraction for me, and helps to keep my mind off the constant sounds in my head.

      I wish you success with the Baha device, and hope you'll update us on how it works for you.

      Very best wishes,
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      Thanks Michaelbio and Karen! The Baha is a useful device for very clear hearing, my daughter has one she also has hearing loss. I have read that maybe out there in the future that the Baha may be the answer to tinnitus by producing the masking noise cancelling effect. That is not the reason that I'm getting one. Along with all the other problems I have a very hard time with hearing aids. Something to do with wet ear!!! Yes I have had several, lost count, surgeries on my right ear and a couple on my left. Also numerous tubes in both ears. I was fortunate to have a very talented ear surgeon right here in Montgomery, AL, Dr. George Kitchens. He is now retired. He improved my hearing and painful embarrassing situation a lot especially in my left, my good ear. Hearing improved a lot after the surgery on my left ear. The surgeries were conductive in nature, I don't remember the technical name. Kitchens was able to operate around the exposed jugular bulb in my right ear and had to clean the debris from both ears on occasion. Lot of scar tissue etc... I realize that I indicated that the surgeries were the cause of the increased tinnitus but actually I'm not sure but the last one on my left ear seemed to create additional sounds and that is when I could no longer competently fulfill my job. I had a very stress laden job in government. Related to tinnitus, I went to Atlanta several years ago and visited a dr. Maddox at Emory. He said that so far there's not really any treatment other than learning to live with the noises. As I said that was several years ago and I have tried to notice any advancements in treatment, have not noticed any. As I said from the beginning I have always been able to live with the noises just a lot of distraction. Then it finally got to be more than I could handle for my job. Thankfully I have a wonderful retirement with the State of Alabama and am able to stay home and do the things I want to do. I do hope that all this talk maybe helps someone that is trying to understand, survive this relentless attack that is coming from inside of our heads.
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