Anxiety and Sleep

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lisa Robinson, Nov 14, 2014.

    1. Lisa Robinson

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      Lately I have suffered with anxiety like constant panic attacks. Waiting for my antidepressants to kick in are those symptoms I am getting normal part of anxiety?

      Hot flushes
      Hot head
      Tingling in head
      Falling sensation
      Waking up too early
    2. Grace
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      Yeah, definally anxiety/panic attack symptoms. It sucks. I get the hot flushes, heart racing, deperson/derealization and my legs go numb. I was put on a benzo until my meds kicked in and that helped me to function normally. Although they can be addicting, i never got addicted to them and once your AD kicks in you could always ween off the benzo which will help you sleep, then just take them as needed. Ofcorse if you think you dont need one then great but panic symptoms are the worst and they do the trick until the other meds work.
    3. Martin69

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      (Health) Anxiety
      When my T is lower (seldom), I have less symptoms.
      If it is osciallating, multiple high-pitched tones, my tension goes through the roof.
      Also hot head (high blood pressure), sometimes stomache issues and vertigo.
      All pychosomatic.

      People say I should work on my reaction. But this reaction is unfortunately still automatic.
      My automatic nervous system reacts. Once we loose anxiety, things will become better.
      But this loud high-pitched T is difficult to handle.
      So I think it is normal what you have.
    4. Marlene

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      If mine is in what I call the middle ,not high or low I have a more relaxed kinda day ,to the point I can to some degree ignore the damn thing ,the anxietys there but less to being able to cope .Just wish it was a consistent middle noise if I have to live with this .Its the not knowing from day to day what it's going to be like .I hear lot in my daily life say the same thing .
    5. Jeff M.

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      Hey Lisa! So sorry to hear you are suffering thru panic attacks and anxiety!!:arghh::cautious::nailbiting: I've been there, IT SUCKS!!

      Is there anything in particular that you think is triggering your panic attacks?? How severe is your T??

      When I got slammed by anxiety & depression, it took a while to find the right AD and dose to chill me out, yet not turn me into a zombie!:blackeye::wacky::meh: So it might take a few different tries until you find what works for you!

      Other than meds, a few other things to consider; narrow your focus to today, try as hard as you can to not worry about the future. Chill out, get through today, get your sleep on, then get up and repeat! Exercise, get naturally tired, try deep breathing exercises, find the right masking to help with sleep (soft Chinese Pan Flute music does the job for me!), don't isolate yourself, try to stay engaged with loved ones and friends, and stay connected here on TT!!(y)

      You WILL get through this!! I promise. But it will take time, effort, desire and support!! :)

      I wish you peace, calmness, and relief soon!!

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    6. AUTHOR
      Lisa Robinson

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      Did someone move my thread? Didn't tbink this had anything to do with tinnitus. Tinnitus seems ok just anxious waiting for ENT appointments in weeks time and now I'm worrying and having constant anxiety attacks. Keep crying and wanting to go home to England.
    7. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      Why are you anxious if your T is ok? I think people assume your Anxiety is T related being that this is a tinnitus forum.
    8. AUTHOR
      Lisa Robinson

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      I put in the health section in off topic and just generally worried. :(
    9. dh42

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      It is not uncommon to get increased anxiety (and insomnia, other side effects) while an anti-depressant kicks in as your body is getting the extra serotonin. Usually this does not last long though and sometimes a Dr. might prescribe a benzo temporarily while the AD kicks in.
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    10. cplancaster4

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      Anti Depressants are worthless for Anxiety IMO..I have sever anxiety and Panic. I've been on Just about everything..Buspar and Valium have worked best for me. Sure Benzodiazepines have a bad rap for being addictive but they work and work better than any other anti depressant out there.

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