Any Connections to Neck Problems and/or BPPV (Vertigo)?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AK john, Dec 5, 2014.

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      maybe neck injury - maybe from BPPV
      I've noticed a correlation between my neck and the symptoms of tinnitus. When my neck is out of whack, the ringing is the worst. And after a good neck/back massage or chiropractic adjustment, the ringing actually stops for a few days. I have chronic back aches from a hockey injury to my mid back. I've always wondered if there could be any real connection between the spine and this damn ringing.
      Also, I developed BPPV (vertigo due to inner ear imbalance) about 3 years before the ringing started. I always wondered if there is a connection there a well.
      I'm with Kaiser and am surprised how helpless they are with tinnitus. Very frustrating.
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      Old thread but interesting. I have cervical dystonia, treated with Botox injections, and have had occasional tinnitus over the years, usually related to some kind of blockage or ear infection. About 6 months ago, I developed tinnitus - not terrible and usually masked by background noise so I don't notice it much.

      A few days ago I went to the local emergency dept for sudden onset severe vertigo. I thought I was having a stroke, but the docs ruled that out as well as any cardiac problem and even COVID-19. Doc dx'd me with BPPV after I responded to Antivert and Valium. I followed up with an ENT and he didn't see any nystagmus, so he's of the opinion that it's NOT BPPV even though I can trigger the vertigo by turning my body counterclockwise while lying down.

      My neuro says neither tinnitus nor BPPV is a likely effect of the Botox injections, but the ENT wrote in my case notes that it could be related to the dystonia. So for now, I'm avoiding turning left and will start vestibular physical therapy. All very bizarre but makes wonder about a connection among the three.

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