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Discussion in 'Support' started by Littlebailey, May 7, 2014.

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      I've gone on a few musicians' sites, and it seems like all kinds of them have it, and not just rock stars. DJs too. Which of course stands to reason. I know there's a least a couple, but if any else want to give themselves a shout out, feel free!

      Musicians need to be a the forefront of T awareness, even though understandably they may want to downplay it sometimes. And they of course represent a huge demographic that stands to gain from any breakthrough drugs/treatments. Hopefully as the push for a cure increasingly crystallizes more and more prominent musicians will step up to the mike and spread the word.

      Sadly, my days of music listening - headphones - have come to an end. :(
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      mid seventies
      Pete Townsend gave me the idea for an "active listening" exercise that does help me. His interview probably helped many others too.
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      Got a link for that?
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      possibly noise
      Ex-professional musician here. I've been real careful with my ears, but ended up with T nonetheless. I've seen lots of musicians subject their ears to far, far more dB's than I have, and somehow they're alright. My dental history possibly has something to do with it all.

      I've pretty much accepted that I'll never be able to play in bands or go to pop concerts again. I just can't risk it. My T developed recently so it's unsure how it will settle. At this point, I'd be very happy if my musical life is limited to quietly playing piano by myself, as long as I can continue my Computing Science studies and travelling without T being a major factor to consider at every step of the way.
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