Any New Research Come Out Recently?

Discussion in 'Support' started by jdjd09, Apr 6, 2016.

    1. jdjd09

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      Anyhow, just curious if anything new has come around. I know some are talking about taking "trolbalt" I believe it is called. Is that a temporary thing you can take or does it have to be taken long term? It's not really made clear in the threads.

      Also, any other news recently? I keep searching around, but also attempt to try to do other things now instead of searching for a cure all the time.
    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Trolbalt is a drug used for epilepsy and needs to be taken daily long term if given it for tinnitus.
      I enquired about this drug in England as its not given out for tinnitus over here so it's if you can get it prescribed by ENT or your doctor .....lots of love glynis
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      Still unknown... possibly noise exposure?
      Yea, there's a new drug that's entering animal trials soon, I think, or has already been done, that's a spin off of trobalt and much more targeted towards tinnitus. Another year or two and we should have something.
    4. Ed209

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      I presume you are referring to SciFluors sf0034 drug?

      @jdjd09, here's some of the latest info I've read about this which may be of interest to you:
    5. AUTHOR

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      So, read some of this. Is this a permanent treatment (aka one and done)? Or is this an ongoing treatment?
    6. AUTHOR

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      I honestly, seriously, don't know how to continue like this. How am I suppose to go on a normal date with someone and have to explain what is going on in my head? How am I ever suppose to relax again? Enjoy life again? Enjoy socializing without mishearing people or saying what or enjoy music again? Or enjoy wearing headphones at reasonable volume?
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    7. Path Maker

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      You're gonna do all that the same way my friend who suffers a chronic pain condition decks out her wheelchair in the most amazing colors and sits in a farmfield to attend a major music festival every year.

      The same way my friend who is just a few years younger than you and has spastic quadriplegia (cerebral palsy affecting every single muscle in his body) and can't talk (paralysis of the vocal muscles) but has a brilliant mind, just completed his master's degree at college (dorming there) and had girls knocking down his door all the time (a smile and the necessity to communicate through slower different means goes a long way).

      You're gonna do it when you find the right kind of woman (the right kind of woman would be willing to work with you on what's going on; the wrong kind of woman you don't WANT).

      Man, oh man, oh man. I know I keep answering you. Maybe it bugs you, maybe it doesn't, maybe you read these, maybe you skim right by.

      I take my time because I care.

      Your thinking is known as "catastrophic thinking" and I experienced that a LOT in my earlier days. I also did the required work to get over and past that, and believe me, a way more beautiful path awaits you ...

      IF ...

      you take the steps to get there.

      Begin here: For every negative thing you wrote above, take out a sheet of real paper, and write yourself three positive possibilities to counteract the negatives.

      Example: "How am I ever supposed to relax again?"
      1) Well, I suppose I could go for a walk on the beach/in the woods/in a busy fun section of town and make myself look at things for a whole half hour, no matter what the hell is going on in my head. That could be a start.
      2) Well, I could do SOME things that still relax me, like watch a movie.
      3) Well, I could call a friend and we could go spend a day together doing something active, where, even IF the head stuff is still going on, at least I am not home fixating on it.

      That is how you begin.
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    8. Path Maker

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      Another thought:

      This is a major challenge you have been handed.

      Your life is calling to you to grow, again.

      You can do it. It will make you BETTER than ever. (This is not some "rah! rah! Pollyanna" line. This is ... life. If you rise to it, one day you will look back and see that being creative and finding ways through this will have made you grow.).

      There's someone on here whose story I hope you've read. I'm going to go find his post so I can tell you who.

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