Anyone else experience this progression?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lisa88, Jun 6, 2014.

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      Anyone else had this experience?
      Used to wake up with t quieter to hardly there the first few moments of the day.
      Now, for the last 3 weeks, and 6 months on from onset, t is loud when I wake up too.
      Does this mean my t is getting progressively worse? Plasticity is setting in? Anyone else experience this progression?
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      I have had tinnitus for over three years now. Some days I wake up with silence that stays for the day; other times I wake up with silence that only lasts for a few seconds to up to an hour; and at other times I wake up and the tinnitus has already set in for the day.

      No one can know for sure, but I suspect that the phenomenon you have been experiencing for the past three weeks is temporary. I would not be surprised if at some point you revert back to moments of silence upon waking.

      Tinnitus is a mystery, to be sure. But most people will agree that it can be influenced by stress, sleep, diet, and other factors. It's possible that your life for the last three weeks has been out of the ordinary in some way.

      As for plasticity, this term refers to the brain's amazing power to adapt and heal. So even if your brain is changing and somehow "memorizing" the sound of your tinnitus, know that this ability to reorganize and form new neural connections might also one day facilitate healing through treatments or even a cure.

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    3. AUTHOR

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      Love your answer, Golly! Thank you so much! Lisa
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      A most excellent answer @Golly. Thanks. I believe you are 100 percent correct.

      Me, I never have had silence upon awakening after one year of tinnitus. But its just my brain's response. It could change at any time. And overall, my loudness and annoyance has varied hugely from day to day, even from hour to hour.

      All I know now is: a noisy day or hour is only temporary. Soon, my tinnitus will be quiet and calm. Then it will change again. Like everything in life, it's only for now.
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    5. leelo

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      Something similar in a way is happening to me but the opposite. It was bad now its getting better sometimes i dont hear it at all for the day. Then the following morning ringing in my right ear. I just think T has mood swings lol you never know, but when it is in a good mood i enjoy it.
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      not sure
      Golly has given an excellent answer. All I can add to it is that I do notice that my T is often blasting away very loud in the morning. But as I don't give a dime about it one way or another (basically accepting T whatever and live my life regardless of it), the brain just fades it out of consciousness when I get busy with my life. It is important to give the T no time and therefore no fire to continue its tyranny over us.
    7. Stina

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      I have occasional changing tones and/or loudness. As has been said above, the key is not to monitor it. Quoting I who love music, measure your response, not your tinnitus. And if you are not satisfied with your response, change that.

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