Anyone Have Very Bad Tinnitus Combined With Extreme Acute Fatigue?

Discussion in 'Support' started by avlstu, Nov 19, 2013.

    1. avlstu

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      Although I have had tinnitus for around fourteen years, I recently noted that, when it gets extremely loud, it is an indication that I am also likely to be hit with debilatating fatigue, causing me to have to rest in bed for 12 - 15 hours with no strength for any physical or mental activity. Then, the following morning, the tinnitus typically has subsided to a more usual level and the acute fatigue is gone.

      I've tried for many years with a variety of doctors to determine the cause, with no success.

      I've also tried the usual energy treatments (thyroid, antidepressant, testosterone injections, Co Q10, d-ribose sugar, DHEA, longer sleep using Zolpidem, etc.) with no improvement.

      Is anyone else out there experiencing this combination of extremely louder tinnitus and acute fatigue attacks? If so - any thoughts? Thanks.
    2. Karen

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      Well, I don't know if my case is similar to yours, but when my tinnitus became severe (3 years ago, in 2010), I experienced fatigue, blurry vision, and a foggy feeling in my head. I was also extremely anxious because of the many strange things going on in my body at that time. My T got worse due to blood pressure meds, and I also experienced many ups and downs with my blood pressure at that time. It is under control now, and I feel much better than I did then!

      As it turned out, I was tested for adrenal fatigue, and the tests came back positive. The test is a saliva test, that most regular doctors won't perform. You might be able to take the saliva test through a naturopath or chiropractor.

      I also have an underactive thyroid (I've had that for about 30 years), and my doctor adjusted the dosage of my thyroid meds.

      I am feeling much better today, and the adrenal fatigue has greatly improved, so there is a lot of reason to hope that yours will get better over time, too.
    3. Sean

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      It happens to me some times ..before we sense that we are tired our ear/brain senses that we are tired and T goes off .
      In my option T is very very sensitive to how our body is treated give it lil bit shock by caffein ,fatigue or stress ..T goes off before we physically feel it - of course This is just my theory and I could be totally wrong .
      I have big issue with feeling tired from many many years ..haven't found an answer .i think I am just not physically rough and tough .
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    4. Larry OT
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      Volume, meds and motorcycles
      How did your adrenal fatigue improve?
    5. Karen

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      Hi, @Larry OT ,

      To get over adrenal fatigue takes time and patience. What worked for me was taking natural supplements, including one called Adrenevive, which has all-natural ingredients. Also, my naturopath advised me to take Emergen-C (vitamin C drink) twice a day, which I did for quite awhile. I'm still taking it, but only once a day now. In addition, I had to try to get enough sleep, which was very hard in the beginning because of the tinnitus and pulsatile tinnitus. I also take extra Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin B-12, and have tried to follow a healthy diet. Moderate exercise is good, too, as long as you don't stress yourself too much, or do any competitive racing events.

      There is a book called "Adrenal Fatigue - The 21st Century Stress Syndrome" by James L. Wilson that is very helpful. The book explains how to determine whether you have adrenal fatigue, and how you can heal yourself.

      It took me about four years to get over the adrenal fatigue, but I should add that I'm an older person (68), so that could have hampered the healing process a bit. You can recover from adrenal fatigue if you are motivated to do it. Getting yourself out of stressful situations, such as a high-pressure job, goes a long way toward healing, too.

      Best wishes,
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    6. TonyK

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      Came here because my tinnitus is absolutely screeching right now after waking from a post-lunch snooze. Still dopey after waking. It's always louder when I'm tired, the more fatigued I am, the louder it gets. I take it as a clear sign I need to ease off or lie down for a while.

      I know the ringing will gradually subside with recovery from the drowsed state so I don't let it bother me too much, but it would be good to understand what causes it in the first place.
    7. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Im having a sleepy week too and brain fog and wuzzy head but mines is a part of my ear condition Menieres and really dizzy the last few days.
      Tinnitus can make you tired at times but try fight it so you dont feel low....lots of love glynis
    8. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      I'm exhausted, I'm in bed sleeping on and off for 16 hours per night. My T gets bad and I can go lay down and pass out in 30 seconds, my body says enough I'm done. Getting up I always feel like I haven't slept at all.
    9. dan

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      I just wish we could have one f@@king day a week off without tinnitus. That would be enough to live for...
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    10. Inge

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      benzodiazepine withdrawal
      My audiologist advised against napping for short times during the day. Apparantly light sleep can worsen the T. Therefore it is better to get all your sleep at night so you get more deep sleep.
    11. TheGagagirl1234

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      Unknown/loud music
      I don't think that I'm more tired than usual because I'm always tired every day, every week, even if I manage to get a good rest. And that's because I'm born with insomnia (I think).
    12. John G

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      I have fatigue all the time. When I wake up in the morning ,my T is blaring like an alarm clock. I never feel refreshed in the morning. When I wake up every morning,I feel like I have a hangover and just want to go back to bed
    13. joseph Ghass

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      Probably your brain is having hard time metabolising glucose for energy (metabolic damage). This can cause neurogical disorders including T.

      but it can be reversed.
    14. John G

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      Reversed how?
    15. tinnitube

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      damn virus
      it can be related of course to stress . when this happens , no traetmenet is as effective as sleeping .

      but any way . please make complete blood tests . in general have a look a thyroid hormones (all) . insulin resistance , fasting glucose , and very important cortisal (morning and evening cortisol) . Also check iron cinectic , b12 and folic acid to rule out anemia . Testosterone leves , total and free are important also . please try this if you can .
    16. mynameisjoshua

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      Adrenal Fatigue doesn’t exist.

      “There’s no science to back it up. The Endocrine Society, the world's largest organization of endocrinologists (people who research and treat patients with diseases related to glands and hormones), flatly says that adrenal fatigue is not a real disease. And it says the symptoms of adrenal fatigue are so general, they can apply to many diseases or conditions (depression, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia) or stem from everyday life.”

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