Are Bose Noise Cancelling Worth it?

Discussion in 'Support' started by kmohoruk, Jun 1, 2016.

    1. kmohoruk

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      Hello Everyone,

      I was curious if I could get some advice regarding headphones.

      (I read some of the other notes here, but wanted to post regarding more so to my situation)

      Long story short, I will shortly be returning to continuing my studies here in Vancouver. This will require me to transit by train, bus and get back into walking around town in a hustling city.

      Currently I have a normal pair of Bose Q15 that I wear just to take the edge off when I'm traveling (I don't play any music through them. They maybe take off 5-8 db I'm guessing)

      The train can sometimes be a little loud, as well as just the usual honks and sirens in the city.

      Would getting something like the Noise Canceling Over ears Bose headphones give me more protection? Especially when I return to full studies in the fall, I'll be transiting about 2 hours a day.

      Anyways any help would greatly be appreciated.

      PS: when I first got my increase T and moderate H @Telis I swore off ever listening to music again - which was sad since music was a large part of my life. I thought it was really interesting that you brought up the point how some people swear off listening to music through headphones... But then run around in a loud city like I do. It's given me great food for thought. If I did get the noise canceling headphones; then maybe I might try giving it a go again ( at very low volumes of course). Or maybe try just listening to podcasts during those long transit rides.
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    2. Bobby B

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      If you have noise induced damage I would not use those - I am convinced they can send very powerful but low frequncy inaudible sound waves especially when there is a change in pressure like a door closing or a tunnel , and those can cause damage .
      I used several different Bose nc headset or earbuds and those may have had some bad effect over time

      I would just wear regular muffs at 30NRR like the Peltor X series ear muffs and maybe an earphone inside
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    3. awbw8

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      I have bose noise cancelling headphones and use them on my commute occasionally when I want to listen to music. I like that they're not IN my ear and I don't have to listen to music very loudly to hear it over a roaring bus or subway. Keep in mind that these headphones do cut out lower frequency noise, but do very little to nothing for higher frequencies (speech/sirens etc.) They were developed to cut the low drone of planes etc. So I might look at it as a way to not need to listen to music loudly as it will make it easier to hear at low volumes, but I would not look at it as hearing protection at all beyond that. If that's what you want, use earplugs :)
    4. GregCA

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      What convinced you of that?
      It seems counterintuitive to me given how they work...
    5. squeek

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      Sometimes I combine both Bose QC20i (the in-ear type) and QC-15 over-ear headphones on trips where I want to listen to comfortable audio with the in-ear providing the audio and the over-ear on silent.

      However, you'll be better off with both standard foam ear plugs and your QC-15 providing additional noise reduction.
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    6. AUTHOR

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      Awesome thanks for all the great info everyone.

      While I understand your concerns Bobby, I would like to see if there's any data on that before jumping on that train. But thank you for your suggestion.

      That's crazy to hear regarding some of those noise cancelling headphones causing people to get sick. I wonder if anything if it just disorients people and that's what causes it.

      I think for now I will stick with the Q-15s and just wait until one of the newer car comes on the sky train (like a fast monorail train), instead of riding on the louder older cars.

      My H has gotten better, and in most situations I'm ok. So I still try and make sure that I'm still having sound in my environment. The Q-15s just take the edge off.

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