Are Hyperacusis Setbacks Possible on Benzos?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Croaker, Oct 30, 2020.

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      So there is a lot of discussion on here about the mechanisms behind hyperacusis. Most of us think that it’s a peripheral issue and that doing one thing or another to the cochlea will solve it.

      But, I also know that some people on here have treated hyperacusis pain with benzos. For those that have done this, did you ever go through something that might have otherwise caused a setback but didn’t? Or, once your most recent dose wore off, did you notice a worsening in symptoms? Maybe you got a tinnitus spike but no hyperacusis setback, or vice versa? I’m curious because this might shed some light on the problem.
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      I'm surprised nobody ever answered this. As someone who takes Xanax about once a week, I can say it does not raise my durability in any way, it just allows me to bypass the negative effects that come with a spike. If I take a Xanax and then go fire guns next to my ear, I will definitely end up with the same damage, it just won't be apparent as quickly.
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      At first I thought my Klonopin saved me from setbacks, but I found out the hard way that it doesn’t.

      I have had times recently during a setback that I used Klonopin or another nerve drug for the additional pain I was having, and it might have helped shorten the setback. I can only guess since I don’t really know if I’d have improved without the medication or not.

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