Are Those with Idiopathic Tinnitus Relatively Safe from Noise?

Discussion in 'Support' started by DimLeb, Aug 28, 2021.

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      Idiopathic Cochleopathy or Maybe Loud Music

      I'm really curious about your thoughts on this. In the cases that tinnius (and any related damage to the cochleas) has come from an "internal cause", do you think that those people are relatively okay being around moderate-loud noise? Not thinking about rock concerts or chainsaws of course.

      I know that acoustic traumas are always possible on top of idiopathic stuff and a diagnosis of an internal cause isn't really 100% reliable. But maybe any of you knows something more on this?

      As for my case, I got very mild tinnitus (and a few dizziness indications) and got diagnosed with cochleopathy and mild hearing loss from occasional increased brain pressure.

      So, my question really is, whether such a damage makes the ears more vulnerable to outside damage (loud noise exposure). So far (5 months), I haven't concluded that noise affects my condition, except some mild TTTS-ish symptom which maybe is from my anxiety and overprotection.

      Thanks in advance good people out there, hope everyone finds relief from this crap!

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