As Soon As I Get Home the Tinnitus Becomes Worse, Why?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rina, Mar 16, 2015.

    1. Rina

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      Really don't know
      Is it common to have tinnitus become louder and worse at home? I'm wondering if the wifi connections and all this technology is affecting my T since it gets worse here at home and in places where it seems to be a lot of technology. Or am I just paranoid to get home and deal with T. Also I have notice that I feel like waves of energy or else I don't know how to call it, but at time I feel like a wave go to my ear and It feels like is clogging my ear and a high pitch sound follows it then it fades and my T gets louder. Has anyone experience these?
    2. billie48

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      not sure
      I don't know if it is energy or not, but I have found when getting from an open space to a close space (the car, elevator, room etc.), the T seems louder. Strange indeed.
    3. Sound Wave

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      Probably headphones
      It's not Wifi, rest assured. How about the simple fact that when you are out, your mind is occupied on other things?
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      Don't know
      I have wondered about wi if too. I play a lot of games and I'm concentrating on them but my tinatus interrupts and gets louder the longer I'm online
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      The easy way to disprove the wifi theory is to spend a couple weeks out in the boonies.

      The problem is, every time I do this, my tinnitus gets a lot better and then I start to think 'oh wow maybe it IS all the EMFs'... :-p
    6. MattK

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      I know exactly what you mean because at first, my tinnitus was the same way. I don't know why though.
    7. RicoS

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      Stress or Acoustic trauma
      When you are outside .... the sound of nature , vehicles , people etc mask it a bit ...most sounds you do not pay attention to but they do help with the masking.

      When at home with closed doors and windows there is less external sound that your subconcious can pick up so T is more in the foreground
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