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      I had an audiogram last January, but after the spike I had a month ago and the ear with fullness, my ENT wants me to get another one - tomorrow.

      I put it off for a few days, and I'm actually very nervous. The first time I had one done I did not experience any negative effects to my T, but after reading on here about others who have had increased T because of their Audiograms I am a wreck.
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      Really? Increased T because of an audiogram? I don't remember reading such posts, but then again, it doesn't surprise me... anything can have an effect on tinnitus. Often it's the mind playing tricks. Some say their tinnitus temporarily increases after eating a tomato.

      It must've been temporary.

      Please don't worry. Go take the test. To put your mind at peace, ask the administrator of the test whether they have heard of anyone's tinnitus getting (permanently) worse due to an audiogram. I doubt it.

      Happy new year!
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      The world may never know..
      @Markku interesting that you say that about the tomato; this morning a co-worker told me that she learned that tomatoes are bad for people with autoimmune diseases.
      I'm still highly convinced that mine was caused from hair bleach poisoning. Not sure, but who knows!
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      I've had like a dozen audiograms in the last 10 years, no problems.
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