Back to the Doctor Tomorrow — What Are My Options?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mister Muso, Aug 18, 2019.

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      So after 5 GP appointments and 2 useless ENT visits, I'm going back to my doctor tomorrow. I've asked to see the one doctor who showed any kind of understanding about my personal situation, compared to the others who all waffled in general terms about "getting used to it". He gave me Beconase and Betahistine which may or may not have done some good. Things have settled back down to my April baseline for the most part, which is still bad enough to have a big impact on my life.

      My main reason for the appointment is to challenge the assumptions of my ENT consultant, who said my T could not be noise-induced because it is somatic. Wrong - it started as a classic noise-induced ringing sound, which I still get on spike days, but has morphed into more of a somatic hiss. Also to challenge his claim that I do not have hearing loss, whereas my chart shows clearly that I do have dips in the region of my tinnitus frequencies. Together with the fact that I have hyperacusis, this means I have hidden hearing loss which does not show on the charts and needs further tests to establish useful treatment options. I will be getting an appointment for a tinnitus clinic soon, so hopefully they can help explore some of these options with me.

      I guess it's too late to ask again for prednisone, given that my latest acoustic shock was 9 weeks ago and the jury is out on there being any benefit from this treatment for NIT except in the first few days. So are there any other drugs I could ask for?

      I still suffer grief and depression fairly regularly about the life I have lost, and my stress-related breathing difficulties are back in full force again. I have difficulty getting back to sleep and therefore only have 4-5 hours sleep per night. So something to help soothe my soul would be good. I know I can benefit from mindfulness meditation, warm baths at bedtime etc. but life gets too busy sometimes. I suppose I'm lucky I can still work and take part in raising a family, but lack of sleep does create difficulties.

      Thanks for reading.
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      I have not gotten ANY sleep in the past few days. Consider yourself lucky. ;)
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      HI @Mister Muso

      I understand how you feel towards the ENT doctors that you have seen which is unfortunate. If you are certain that your tinnitus was caused by "exposure to loud noise" and is not a result of an underlying medical problem. Then you need to be referred to Audiology to see a Hearing Therapist or Audiologist that specialises in the management and treatment of tinnitus and hyperacusis.

      ENT doctors are physicians and treat the: Ear, Nose and Throat. Tinnitus can be caused by one or more of these organs. If this were the case an ENT doctor would probably be able to help with treatment, either medically or surgically. However, with Noise Induced Tinnitus this is not their field of expertise and therefore, you should be referred to Audiology to see the health professionals that I have mentioned, for treatment depending on what is available.

      I wish you well.
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