Bactrim, an Antibiotic — Ototoxic?

Discussion in 'Support' started by mike, Mar 27, 2013.

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      Has anybody took Bactrim? Did it have any effects on your tinnitus. Good or bad. I have to take it for the next 10 days.
    2. J M

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      Wished I could help you here, Mike, but all I know about this drug is that it is a sulfa drug (sulfonylurea).

      For what it's worth, this drug is listed as a class 2 drug (class 1 being the least ototoxic, and class 5 the most) in my ototoxic drug book. Ototoxic side effects are tinnitus and dizziness.

      With that said, I guess it is crap shoot to see if it bothers you or not.
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    3. Petloy

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      I was given Bactrim DS last year Sept 2012 I took it twice a day for 5 days my T stayed the same...but again it could be different with others. My T was noise induced by the way.
    4. DenisW

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      I've taken Bactrim DS on two occasions, once for 4 weeks, second time for two and experienced no adverse effects. T behaved as it usually does --some good days with hardly any ringing, then some days when it is loud and noticeable.

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