Been Gone, Came Back, Nothing Changed — Except...

Discussion in 'Support' started by nills, Feb 25, 2016.

    1. nills

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      acoustic trauma
      So I have been gone from the forum - and internet in general for about 1 month now.

      I come back and it seems time has stood still here on the forum ...

      My T fluctuates but it has to do with how much I live or stand still myself ..

      I`m in india now, spending time with my grilfriend, going to hear lectures on spirituality, studying Yoga, living a healthy life, playing music ... T only truly bothers me in the morning cause the rest of the time i`m enjoying life too much ...

      that was it ... enough clues in this post to help you guys!

      good luck ... see you in maybe 2 months ... hope something has come up by then ..

      love x
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    2. Cheza

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      Barking dogs/stress
      nills, in December 2015 you wrote a post in response to a forum thread, "Be Honest, Do You Still Enjoy Life?" This is what you wrote:
      So in a little over 2 months things have improved considerably for you, which is great. But for those on the forum that you think are "standing still," maybe it's because they don't have the resources to take off from their current lives and have a good time. Life can be pretty complicated and busy when you have a lot of responsibilities, needless to mention a lack of funds can seriously restrict people's ability to get out and do things they'd like to do.

      Again, I think your improvement is great, a remarkably impressive change from 2 months ago. I wish I could leave the country and play music and practice yoga. It's just not feasible in my current circumstances.
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    3. RaZaH

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      Benzo + loud noise
      Good to hear mate , enjoy your time in India :)
    4. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      All it takes is a vacation and some yoga to feel better!? Haha. No wonder no one take this condition seriously. Lol!!
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    5. Sebastians

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      Guitars, loud girls and guns
      Pics or it didn't happen!
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