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Discussion in 'Support' started by gary, Feb 4, 2013.

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      1. Well noise is there loud as ever. I am trying to see if there is any correlation with anything I do and so far all I have found is that if it's there in the morning at a 10+ then it's going to be there all day screaming.

        I am having 50-50 days, 50% noise is at a 2/6 which is bearable, the other %50 is 7/10+

        Last week I was having a pretty good day, I took an hour nap and woke up with the noise at a 10+

        Have been see a new ENT and he said I had menieres. Gave me dyazine a to help get rid of water, a month or ago but no help.

        The water in the ear was at 45% now it is down to 34% he said I would not notice a difference until it got into the single digits.

        Now a new problem, I am a diabetic, and cardiac patient, taking Zestril, well I had some blood work done because I was reading about the side affects of the dyazine and zestril taken if you are a diabetic, found out my potassium and kidney creatinine-serrim was high, so had to get off those two medications.

        Waiting now to get more blood tests to see if the levels went down.

        Also have been just plain depressed, and have not felt like posting. I have been dropping in to read posts though.

        Saw another Dr. who thinks I might have TMJ. She may be right because the noise change is 99% when I wake up, but the ENT said as long as the ear has the water he is sure that's causing the noise.

        So that's where I am at, have not seen a dentist that specializes in TMJ yet. I was told all they do is give you an appliance for your jaw.

        The Dr. that suggested that it was TMJ said I should consider having all my remaining teeth pulled. I am missing my back lower molars.
        she thinks I am over biting causing TMJ.​
      2. Well, I did ask the ENT about hearing aids, he said until the numbers go down in the menieres tests I should wait on hearing aids. He is convinced the noise is from the menieres.

        As for surgery for menieres to drain the water, he just told me that it is not an easy thing to do.

        I am going to have to wait and see how the blood work looks. If I can't get back on that water pill to get the numbers down, then I don't know what the next step is.

        From what I gather, having a reading in the double digits, be it 15 or 50 the symptoms are the same. Kind of like you can drown in a few inches of water or 100 feet of water If there is enough water to cause the cochlea hairs to lay down because of the water, it doesn't matter how much water is actually in the cochlea, as long as it is enough to cause the hair to lay down...

        He did put me on a low sodium diet. I quit using salt, and salt substitutes, the substitutes contain way too much potassium.

        Sodium causes the ear to tell the body it needs more water, thus the reason for the low sodium diet...​
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      I'm diabetic also. I also take the drug Ziac for high blood pressure. 1 pill a day and it keeps my bp at the normal range. Wish there was something that worked that easy for tinnitus.
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      Nice to see you Gary.... I understand how it can be hard to post here and that it took some motivation just to type when you have depression on top of screaming in the head.

      My best wishes are for you.

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