Best Earplugs for Bars?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dizzyhead888, Sep 2, 2019.

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      I need earplugs that are invisible and allow to hear conversation/suitable for being able to chat in bars.

      Any recommendations?

      Not looking to go to places where it's louder than 90 dB.
      Just moderately loud places, 75-90 dB.
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      Alpine party plug transparent ones.

      They are made for concerts and/or at least listening to voices. You can hear conversation perfectly but it still gives you decent protection.
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      There are many earplugs on the market so I'm unable to recommend the best. Most noise reducing earplugs should suit your needs. However, if you are sensitive to certain sounds at 70 to 90db and wanting to use earplugs for this purpose? Then you are treating the symptom and not the cause. If you aren't careful, you risk making your auditory system more sensitive to sound.
      Earplugs is not really the answer although in the short term they are ok. Treatment is the way to find a lasting solution, using self help or under the care of a Hearing Therapist/Audiologist. Please click on the link below and read my post: Hyperacusis, As I see it.

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