Blocked Eustachian Tube Causing a Feeling of Fullness in the Ear?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Brandon1994, May 11, 2019.

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      Hello everyone,

      So here's my story. I was exposed to a loud noise around 75-80 dB for around 30 minutes. I had my 32 dB plugs inserted correctly. I only received a short spike that went down in a week. The next week I had a bad cold that made my tinnitus worse but it seems to have went back to baseline.

      However my ear still feels kind of full and I'm not fully over this. It's been 12 days. It feels full only when talking if that makes sense. I still believe I can hear fairly well. Sometimes my ear will pop and it feels good, like I can hear better for a second, and then it goes away. I would say this happens once every 2 days for a second. It only happens with my tinnitus ear and the other ear is unaffected.

      I was just wondering if this is a Eustachian Tube issue or if I really screwed up and made my hearing worse?

      It seems like I was fine after the noise exposure and this only happened after I got sick.
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      Hi Brandon
      This happened to me a few years ago - a congested in my sinuses head cold then a full feeling in my left ear for about 5 weeks afterwards. I was a nervous wreck about it given my high anxiety levels with my long term tinnitus. My GP told me that ears can take the longest to come good after a cold. Take some Sudafed and see if that helps.
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      noise injury
      ETD could be a misdiagnosis. you'll have to wait and see.
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      I've recently entered a new phase where I get intermittent patulous eustachian tubes in response to some noises. It's ever since I had a flu/cold that went up into the tubes. It causes my ears to feel full and sometimes makes my tubes open up completely. When it happens I can breath through my nose and feel it go into my ear and get temporary autophony. One side in particular opens right up, which is odd as for the past 2 years it would never open if I blew my nose. When I had the cold I blew my nose and it inflated the ear.
      I was worried I had made things worse, as I got a bad bad spike, my T became super reactive and had a worsening of hyperacusis. It is slowly getting better though and the patulous ET thing is diminishing gradually, I think.

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