British Tinnitus Association Awarded £134k Lottery Grant

Discussion in 'Research News' started by BrStan@, May 23, 2015.

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      Hi all,

      What are your thoughts on that. I think £134k for "increased knowledge of tinnitus and how to manage the condition as well as from improved local support" is way too much. Awareness is OK but to spend so much money on management which does not work or work to certain point only if your tinnitus is low or mild is not OK.
      This money need to go for a research not wasted this way what a shame BTA. We need to know more about T and now is the right time. As so many years nothing was done about it. And no i absolutely don't believe that the condition is really that big mystery. It was just not taken seriously hence no serious research done. I did not see anywhere the big pharma companies involved. If they were believe me we were going to see at least some relief with drug on the market. Take an example of HIV when first appeared back on 80's no one has a clue what is it and how to cure it. But what happened back then is it was just taken seriously the government jumped over it, the biggest pharma jumped over it and today from a deadly diseases is a chronic one(so something was done about it).
      And today when we have some money granted they are going not for a research but down the road.
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      The money could have been put to better use!
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      lots going on at the time
      We need a cure
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      Guys they got grant from program that was holding contest for awareness campaigns. For us its better that they can do this event because this money otherwise would go somewhere else for other health issues.
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      Given the scale of the problem and the invisible suffering, a multi billion grant is in order to understand the issues, develop treatments and cures expeditiously.
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