Can a Very Minor Head Injury Predispose You to Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by volterra, Oct 19, 2022.

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      Noise from Music Festival
      In March I fell off my bike, broke my left collarbone and luckily the over ear headphones I was wearing protected my head. I know I should have been wearing a helmet, but I was reckless. I don't remember any issues with my left ear at the time, I was mainly worried about my collarbone, which has now healed well.

      I got tinnitus and hyperacusis following a music festival 2 months a go, it wasn't too bad initially but it has got much worse as time has gone on. It's mainly in my left ear, the ear which must have taken a hit via my headphones when I fell off my bike. Is it possible this is why the music festival triggered this reaction? Maybe I went into the music festival with a messed up ear unknowingly.
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      Music Festival
      Pretty impossible to know. Interestingly enough, I did bang my head and get a concussion at 17 but I did not develop any tinnitus like until 23 (and it was so mild I didn't even bother looking into it... didn't even know I technically had tinnitus in one ear)... as you know this tinnitus I'm dealing with now is from two concert exposures and a street fair.

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