Can Oral Sex Cause Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by ZZB, Sep 1, 2015.

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      This is a very weird and awkward question.

      For the past year or so, my husband's mobility has limited our activities in the bedroom.
      I have been performing fellatio for him most days (with considerable effort), and in the past few months have noticed a weird beeping sound in my right ear. It is not too bothersome - usually only a handful of random-pitch "beeps" per day - mostly at night in quiet surroundings, and some days more frequent and louder than others.
      But I worry the tinnitus might be caused by the oral sex routine and its effect on the sinuses / jaw / nerves.
      I don't want it to get worse (reading some of your experiences with tinnitus on here, you have my sympathy!), and I couldn't find any advice about this anywhere online.

      Does anyone know whether oral sex (fellatio) can cause or worsen tinnitus?
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      Hi ZZB,
      Its a genuine question so thank you for asking us.
      Yes it can cause a spike and tinnitus.
      Due to having your mouth open for a while and the movement it can put pressure on your jaw joint and cause inflammation to the soft Tissue around the jaw and inflame the nerve.
      As this area is right by our inner ear its easy to cause irritation and sound and even pick the sound up like a pulse from your artery near by too.
      It should settle as the inflammation settles and time will tell for you how long it lasts ... Again thank you for this question and nothing be embarrassed glynis
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    3. Most likely it´s muscle related like glynis said. Without going into to details around your technique:whistle:, a lower jaw that is pushed backwards puts a lot of pressure on the jaw joint. And that joint is just in front of your ears. This can very easily cause an inflammation in the joint and then put pressure on blood vessels and nerves in the area.

      My T is from muscle related problems in the jaw (not from blow jobs thou:nailbiting:) and is tricky to get rid of.

      Here is a stretch that you could try if you experience pain or tightness in the muscles
      TMJ Exercises & Stretches to Relieve Jaw...
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    4. AUTHOR

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      Thank you Glynis and Nick for your answers, and the suggested exercises. Much appreciated!
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    5. attheedgeofscience
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      Somehow I ended up on their weird part of TinnitusTalk.

      It happens.
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      I knew I wasn't so weird haha. I wanted to ask this question too :p

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