CBT Questions (Also, Can You Recommend Someone in Australia?)

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      Hello Dr Hubbard,

      Thankyou for joining us at tt. I feel so encouraged by your own bio.

      I have been aware of my own t since Nov last year post an external ear infection/cellulitis that required an ENT admission and treatment with cipro!

      I hear a constant central shhhhhhh along with a high pitched hiss that is causing me a great deal of emotional distress.

      I was wondering if you are able to recommend anyone in Australia (Geelong/Melbourne) who can help me with the cbt and t desensitisation? I have consulted two psychologists so far; both of whom are familiar with cbt but not with regards to t. I am currently undertaking neuromonics (for a week). Im not feeling overly optimistic but will persist with this.

      Any advice you have for me with regards to finding some ways to reduce my annoyance would be greatly appreciated.

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      Hi Deb
      I'm sorry this has happened. There is hope that if the sound doesn't resolve, you will habituate. Time is on your side so be patient. The best thing you can do is to "get out of your head!" Tell yourself: "this is not important - the stuff of my life is what's important" and get to it. Your mind will continue to return to the tinnitus sounds - just repeat your self-statements and get back into your life. Like anything worth the effort, the effect will build gradually is you stay with it.

      Peter H. Wilson, an australian professor, wrote the textbook on CBT for tinnitus, but my understanding from Dr. Nagler is that Dr. Wilson is no longer practicing. I'll put out a request over my list serve and will get back to you if i learn of anyone in your area.

      You can see a CBT therapist who does not understand tinnitus - they would treat the tinnitus as they would any other chronic medical condition.

      Hope that helps!
      DR Hubbard
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