Changing Everything from Diet to Supplements, to Exercise

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      Hi new friends,

      I have pulsatile tinnitus in my left ear, and a small low decibel tone in my right ear since October 4, 2019. I had a major infection in my head last fall, which was diagnosed in the ER as Acute Labyrinthitis. Also had vertigo, nausea and fluid in the ear. The ear inflicted is also my "problem ear". Looking back at my childhood, I was "that kid" who always had ear infections and blew thorough medication(s) like candy and I am now allergic to any good antibiotic from RX overuse. Also have a bit of TMJ because of the stress from my job.

      This tinnitus, is quite the struggle, as it has impacted everything in my life. I've even lost my job, working in law. It has impacted friendships, and frankly is causing a strain in my own family. This is really hard to articulate to people who don't understand it. I've spent the first few months crying a lot and - sometimes that helps me - just crying. I feel so completely let down by my own body.

      I have been an athlete most of my life. I've just started back in the gym with working out an hour to ninety minutes a day. I find it's the only time I don't "overly" stress about my head beating - even though the beating gets louder with an accelerated heart rate. Somehow the *push helps me. Stretching does help. Especially in the back of the neck.

      I started my own research since my health care provider has completed let me down. That is an understatement. My doctors say "Learn to live with it." F*ck you, is what I want to say to them. Nobody wants to live with this. There is a surgery for pulsatile tinnitus involving a stent in the brain - and I can't get a response anyone in my network provider of care. I'm not even sure if I qualify - I can't get a response. I have had a 90 minute MRI and all major issues have been ruled out. There is a scan of the head to find the pulsatile breach If anyone can point me in the right directions, please do. (Literally would beg for information.)

      I have always believed that if we damage the body, we can "undamage" the body. Yeah, I know that isn't a word. So I have a vein that has gone awry. If it went awry, perhaps I can heal it. I mean, we cell regenerate every seven years, why can't I heal this? So I am watching Food IS Medicine ( Amazon Prime video) and pretty much every other movie on food and inflammation and exercise and HEALING. I also take a BOATLOAD of supplements, including all the B vitamins, Turmeric, Curcumin and about 15 others. I have changed my diet. I have cut out caffeine - and that sucks. I stopped alcohol as a go-to, and will maybe drink once or twice a month, very moderately. I now drink decaf coffee which I can adapt to. I cut out dairy (causes inflammation) and of course I cut out wheat and any processed food. I wear a BOOM2 bluetooth and listen to Pink Noise currently. Really hate the pink noise sound. Any suggestions on that would be great too.

      I had to go on an anti-anxiety med - Busbar because, well, I'm sure you all know, some days are quite dark and scary. I expect I took my life for granted, and I need to find a way out of this hole. Hoping I learn a lot here and that y'all can help me. Already been passing through the 'suicide would be easier than this' mentality.

      That's my story. I live in Northern California and I have Kaiser Permanente as my Health Care Provider, and I cannot stress how much they have let me down. I do have a therapist now. That is helping, but I hope I will not be attached to a therapist once a week for the rest of my life.

      Thanks all, for reading my diatribe, and here's wishing better days for all.

      A really big hug from me,

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      Just a quick response. There's certainly no downside to exercise, a good diet, and reducing stress. Keep that up and you should feel better overall.

      2nd, I've never heard anything good about Kaiser Permanente. Have you looked into UCLA or UCSF medical, depending on your location?
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      Welcome to the forum. Sorry for your sufferings from pulsatile tinnitus. If there is any solace from this, people do get better from pulsatile tinnitus. You can join the Pulsatile Support forum to get help from those with that condition. Your tinnitus is very new and so your emotional response to it tends to be negative and anxious which can also create depressions and suicidal ideations. Quite normal among new sufferers. Many of us went through the nightmarish struggle initially, myself included. I include my success story below so you can use some helpful strategies to at least deal with the emotional suffering from tinnitus and you can also see that TIME is a very important element of success. Also for encouragement and tips on how to cope with PT, you can search out the Success Stories for people's stories who have overcome their PT or getting better Below is a sample search of the success stories with PT being the problem. Good luck. God bless.[node]=47
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