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Discussion in 'Support' started by Mystery Reader, Mar 4, 2019.

    1. Mystery Reader

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      Just checking in to say “hi” to some of the folks I had gotten to know back when I was posting regularly. I’ve been limiting my time on the forum, because ultimately I found that it was causing me to focus too much on the tinnitus and less on trying to find ways to deal with it day-to-day -- the "day-to-day" stuff is what I need to try and stick to right now.

      And so ...
      @New Guy, @emmalee, @TracyJS, @Jiri, @glynis, @OnceUponaTime, @Michellejean, @AZeurotuner (thanks for the advice a while back!),@Luman, @fishbone, @linearb, @Ed209, @billie48, @Bill Bauer and all the others I either connected with, or who made posts that I found particularly helpful or upbeat when I was posting frequently last year -- I think about you guys a lot, hope that you're all doing well, and wish only the best for you and for everyone here on the forum.

      Mystery Reader
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    2. glynis

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      @Mystery Reader ,
      I hope you are doing bettter now and don't be a stranger and pop on when you can to Support others :)...

      love glynis
    3. Starthrower

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      @Mystery Reader so good to see your name!!!

      It is important to limit one's time on the support board. I usually allow one hour a day.

      But back in 2002 when I was basically house bound I spent all my time on a support board. I learned the hard way that it wasn't the best thing for me at that time. But at the same time there was no where to turn to in real life.

      I also must stay emotionally detached from becoming close to people. Maybe this will be something I can change but not yet.

      Are you doing okay now?
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    4. Jiri
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      Hey @Mystery Reader I've been thinking about you too, buddy :) Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're doing good.
    5. OnceUponaTime

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      Hey nice to hear from you!! Thanx for stopping by to check on us and say hi. :)
      How are you doing these days???

      All the best to you,
    6. billie48

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      Thanks for coming back to update us and let us know you are doing well. Do come by at times to say hello. God bless.
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    7. emmalee
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      Hi, Mystery Reader :huganimation:

      I understand this, completely. ;)
    8. fishbone

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      Bravo!!! Spend less time on forums and adjust your daily life and face this venom heads on! I like your post and I wish you much success.....
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    9. New Guy

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      @Mystery Reader

      Nice to hear from you. I've been weaning off the site a bit too. I still visit when I need support which is more often than I care to admit. Thanks for checking in and I hope things are improving for you.
    10. linearb

      linearb Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      <3 glad to see you checking in

      My life is filled with noise, joy and love at the moment.
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