Chi Kung (Qigong) / Tai Chi for Treating Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by carlover, Sep 22, 2012.

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      Hi all,

      Having tried near enough everything, I truly believe I'm sitting on the answer.
      Considering I used to teach this stuff, it's about time I knuckled down and did this wonderful Chinese exercise every day for 6 months. I really believe it could defeat the horrible noise.

      Here's a good story. Rivendale Review Pages/tao of tinnitus.html

      ...and another one.

      This story relates to this style of Chi Kung.

      ...and for the members who need "proof"
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      Some excellent posts Carlover thank you for sharing. I wasn't aware of study like that on PubMed relating to tinnitus so great find!

      Please let us know if you decide to do it on a daily basis for 6 months and report back to us.
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      Tempted to try this after reading on other forum about Kevin Barry's triumph over tinnitus and hyperacusis (My life was a war against noise - The Irish Times).

      The Shaolin Wahnam Institute has a forum - their talk on the third-eye opening frightens me though.

      Acupuncturist recommends Tai Chi instead.
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      Hi, I've just seen this thread via a web search. Having studied Shaolin Cosmos qigong with Shaolin Wahnam for 12 years I would strongly recommend you try and receive some training. This is high-level qigong and it will transform your life. And, it comes with a money back guarantee! I've also been practicing Zen meditation for about 20 years and Karma Kagyu Tibetan buddhism for 11 years. Shaolin qigong as taught by this school will teach you how to generate a flow of qi (chi) throughout your body which will naturally flow to those places or blockages that most need healing. It will also enhance your other yogic practices in a thoroughly safe way (if practiced correctly). Most Tai Chi and qigong schools and teachers you find will not have the ability to give you the skills to generate a qi (chi) flow. Once you have experienced this for yourself you will immediately understand why it is so extraordinary.
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      So the other day, I was supposed to do a job which got cancelled because of a rainstorm, so I wound up strolling a wonderful, independent, and very large bookstore, in a kind of job-cancelled-rainstorm-induced inattentive haze :).

      Okay, so that's the setting ... :)

      Now here's the plot, and I won't let it thicken (since it's 2:50 a.m., I was woken by my t - - - - - - - an hour ago (that's a Wheel of Fortune clue, by the way. Guess what word I'm saying and you win a car, a trip to Hawaii, and a $100,000!).

      So I was in this hazy stupor and couldn't really concentrate on anything to read, when a bell went off in my head. No, it wasn't the t -------. (Hey! There's that mystery word again. Have you guessed it yet! :) Hah!)

      "Hey!" I thought (because despite t-------, I CAN still think). "I should look for books on Chi Kung ... "

      So I did. There were only about 12, which is good, because it made it easier to make a decision. I chose two, which were going to total about $45, which didn't thrill me, but what the hey.

      When I got to the register, the price was only $16, because, as the clerk showed me, they were used books and greatly reduced in price. They looked brand new. I sure hope whoever used them, did, indeed, use them, because they're very good.

      And now ... drumroll ... my conclusion: THIS BOOK. It is short, sweet, and beautifully clear. The author is passionate about his topic, believes that doing this helped him clear lymphoma from his body years ago, and the best part is ... these exercises take only about six minutes, twice a day.

      I am not looking for any shortcuts. When I enroll in Chi Kung, it is going to become a life practice for me, and I will practice way more than six minutes a day.

      That said, the exercises in this book are a great start. I really recommend this book, so I wanted to find a link to share it.
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