Cicada in My Left Ear

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bill L, Nov 6, 2013.

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      Hi all,

      Just joined the site. I developed T in my left ear about two months ago. I went through a whole battery of tests, basically nothing wrong, hearing is fine, no fluid to be seen, MRI showed no tumors, etc. I have fullness in my left ear but no real pain to speak of. It kind of fluctuates like an insect most times, not in rhythm with my heartbeat but just kind of pulsating, and it's high-pitched so masking it is difficult, even in a room filled with ambient noise. My ENT gave me a nasal corticosteroid and told me to load up on Advil/Aleve. I'm really skeptical about this because I'm not in any pain and he said (and I've read elsewhere) that NSAIDS can worsen the T. Any advice on this?

      I also recent started with some meds to manage the anxiety, which is by far the worst part of this. The insomnia is not helping either. It's a relief that there's no serious medical issue, but at the same time I'm not sure what I should be doing (if anything) to help rectify this.

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      Oct 18th 2013
      Hey Bill ,
      I just got T in my right ear Oct 18th and it's way annoying. It's steady, loud at times and very high pitch. It's worse at night and reminds me it's still there the moment I wake in the morning (if I sleep) I was taking tramodol for 5 months only 2 a day and well ,,,, now this! It's horrible and have a hard time concentrating. I can only pray that this will finally go away because it stresses me out and makes my anxiety level go threw the roof sometimes into a full blown Panic attack. I will pray for you. This is definitely not fun but guess what, your not alone. I came to this site and you wouldn't believe how many wonderful people suffer with this as well. I went to an ent as well and , found nothing which is good and well I guess bad cause the T is still going. Don't worry Bill. It will be okay. Good luck and no worries. All will be just fine. Xo Laura.
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      Hey Gang,
      I was told that stress and anxiety adds to the tinnitus. So try your best to not worry about it. I KNOW how hard that is. I am a musician and think about it all the time. Right now, I am taking "Clear Tinnitus". The product reviews are 50/50. Most of the good reviews say that relief comes during the 2nd bottle. I'll let you know if that is true. I'll try almost anything to get rid of my hiss. Good luck to all of you and try to stay positive!
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      you should get "otoacoustic emission" testing, I had a similar story, and have been found to have spontaneous otoacoustic emissions as the cause. Aspirin can (paradoxically) help this, but you want to get diagnosed first as aspirin can also worsen other types of tinnitus.

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