Clubbing and Tinnitus — Hearing Protection

Discussion in 'Support' started by Adamwynn, Sep 20, 2018.

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      Noise exposure
      So I got tinnitus in October of 2017, I’ve been super careful and it’s gone completely now (well 99.9% or at least to the pint where I may as well not have it), or I can only hear it in complete silence, even if I plug my ears outside I can’t really hear it.

      My girlfriend like me isn’t into clubbing but has said she likes one club in particular, she rarely ever goes but she does like it. As she like she it id like to experience it with her. I carry ear protection wherever I go and wear it regularly, I’ve also been in many loud environments, chinook helicopters, single engine planes (all with proper protection) and had no changes.

      If I were to go clubbing I’d ideally like to wear over ear shotgunning headphones, but this might make my girlfriend uncomfortable and look weird. I'm wondering if foam earplugs at NRR 33 dB would be enough?

      I plan on buying over-ear defenders and going on my own to test it out, for all of 2 seconds, because I understand, I’ve taken such care and it would be stupid to ruin all of it for one night, I do get that.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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      All my life, but got worse 2016
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      Noise induced / Concert
      I went to a wedding in NYC with ear foams 33 nrr with no problems. The music was very loud and I was very uncomfortable. Everyone's T is different, only you can know if it's worth it

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