Colloidal Silver Causes Argyria (Grey Skin)?

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Ellen, May 7, 2013.

    1. Ellen

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      Was about to order Colloidal silver recommended by Dr Caroline Dean, when I read about the dangers of silver consumption (and I don't mean in the financial investment sense) -

      No can do. I've already encountered 2 other health supplements that nearly did me in. Not taking a chance with this one.

      Again, I have no experience, and can proclaim myself a chicken coward in many things, so I am not the best person to follow. However, in case this rosemaryjacobs outcome is not a one-off case, I'd not want it to happen to any T sufferer as T is already punishing enough without piling more on its plate.

      In doubt, just don't consume colloidal silver.

      I just wish to bring reminder to the other side of health supplements.
    2. carlover

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      Hi Ellen ,I can understand your worries.However I have taken this as a spray up the nose and 3 teaspoons a day when I feel a cold coming on.It allways stops the cold In its tracks.Never had a problem in all the years using it that way.

      Good Luck,Pete
    3. calin

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      How much did she take and for how long?

      I didn't see that information in the links.

      I use hydrosol silver. They are nano particles. I usually take it when I am getting a bug of some kind.
    4. AUTHOR

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      Some says this Rosemary Jacobs never use the type of CS sold on the market these days, which are safe.

      So many types 0-o

      The reason I'm staying miles off it is due to having poor but thankfully reversible outcome from 2 other types of health supplements. Where others enjoy the benefits, I get hit by side effects instead. So it's an individual thing that I have to avoid this even if the possibility of accumulating silver in the skin tissue is remote.

      Yes, I did hear many have benefits from it, and it's gladdening whenever something works well for sufferers. Just ignore my fears in that case. T has made me sensitive to taking risks.
    5. Markku

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      May I ask what supplements caused you adverse effects?
    6. AUTHOR

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      Markku, it's the Lingzhi mushroom and a popular type of tonic tablets Pei Feng pills for nourishing the body. Adverse reaction in form of severe dermis eruptions. Everyone else has only praise for these, as the ads goes. The inflammed skin got easily agitated a few months on, till the body heals itself.

      Just heard that someone in my neighbourhood has a grey child. Also fed some supplements, cannot comment as child not sure what was given to her.

      For any supplements, the type of cell-lodged elements as in the "Histology Figure 5-7" picture in the link below is most feared -

      Sometimes, no way for body to get these things off once it's lodged. A little like tattooed scenarios. Traumatic.

      Apologies to those who are reaping benefits from these supplements. No opposition to that at all. Just that this forum has lots of wonderful, caring folks who share, and just don't want to see anyone suffer from overdosing on anything..

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