Comparison of Different Therapeutic Approaches

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      Just to make you smile a little bit (translated from French):

      Freud's approach
      Your mother made your shit was there.

      Shit happens after the bell rings.

      Emotional Rational Therapy
      Take care of your shit.

      Cognitive Therapy
      Think about your shit in a rational way.

      Humanistic Therapy
      Your shit is a good thing.

      Gestalt Therapy
      Where is your shit right now?

      Game Therapy
      Play with your shit.

      Solution-focused Therapy
      How do you want your shit to be different?

      Narrative Therapy
      Your shit is linked to your own history.

      Couple Therapy
      You are shit.

      Family Therapy
      Someone has to be responsible for this shit.

      Group Therapy
      Share your shit.

      12-Step Therapy
      Admit your powerlessness over your shit.

      Short Therapy
      I hope this shit is over soon.

      Problem reduction therapy
      How can you make shit less important in your life?

      Take care of your shit. Move a step forward to get in. If someone's shit is helpful, we can modelize it.

      Find out your own path. If counselling is good for you go for it! Hang on! I've a bullet with my former sophrologist's name on it. :mad:
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      Succinctly put.
      Many a true word is said in jest.

      Nice post.
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