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      "Confusion will be my epitaph" from King Crimson keeps cropping up in my mind. I hope however this will not be the case.

      How can I make sense of all the information that is on the internet regarding T, H and hearing loss?
      Reading "molecular&cell biology for dummies" doesn't seem to be enough. It did make me realise even more how complex the challenge is, regenerating haircells in the cochlea. And is regenerating haicells the only thing needed to cure noise induced T, H and hearing loss?

      In 2005 the Dominion Post in New Zealand, where I was at the time, quoted an article from the Los Angeles post. This article "hearing restored in deaf animals" closed with " However, experts say it will be at least a decade before the technique can be tried in humans". They where almost right. As we know in 2014 Novartis started a phase1/2 clinical trial. GenVec being the manufacturer of CGF166.

      This is what I read on the internet regarding this trial. Unofficially it is mentioned that people participating in this trial already can hear some new frequencies. So this is likely due to new hearcells in the cochlea. Is it not? What amazing news that was! I was on a high the day I read this.

      It feels I am back down on earth again today.
      There are plenty scientists telling us that, if possible it can still take 20-50 years before it is available for humans.
      Is Gene, molecular or stem cell most likely to succeed? Probably a combination?

      I cannot make sense of it any more.
      I don't want to mention all the different foundations, universities etc. that mention a timespan when therapies for T, H and hearing loss are available.
      I see time-spans between 5, 10, 15, 20 and even 50 years. 5 Years perhaps for T and H??

      I realise most if not all scientists working on this problem are very bright.
      I used to listen to a lot of music as you might have guessed me quoting songs from bands in this thread(-;.
      Perhaps we need another
      Howerd Christman's Older. The Collectors 1968 album "The Collectors"


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