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      Hi, I was considering attending the convention "Anime Central" coming up in a few weeks. It is the 3rd largest anime convention in the U.S., and has about 35,000 attendees. While the convention has concerts and raves and stuff, I wouldn't be going to stuff like that. I was just wondering about the noise level in the main convention room I guess you would call it. It is a huge showroom (and it is obviously very crowded) and can get pretty noisy at times. I don't want to risk an increase in T though, so I was curious about other people's experiences with noisy environments, but not necessarily environments that would cause damage to your hearing. I really would like to go, but I'm still on the fence. Any advice/past experiences would be greatly appreciated, thanks :D
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      not sure
      Without knowing the cause of your tinnitus, it is not wise to advise you one way or another. If your T is noise induced and your are still having problem with T and your ears being unstable with spikes, then it may be wise to stay away or you need ear protection there. It also depends on how long you have your T and whether your T is stablized now.

      In the first 2 years I couldn't go to cinemas without ear protection, Now I can watch action movies or those with loud sounds like Star War or the latest one Dawn of Justice (Superman vs Batman), and I didn't need plugs. When it really got too loud, there went my fingers. LOL. Couldn't do that before and I won't advise anyone going to these movies without protection. But it seems time has healed my ears to the point I can bear some of these loud movies. It is simply amazing considering I was having severe H at one time and had to wear ear plugs all the time. So never project the future based on the worst time. Things can improve over time.

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