Copped Another Positive Talk Today

Discussion in 'Support' started by valeri, Dec 10, 2014.

    1. valeri

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      I'm fuming:mad:
      I copped another positive, it's all in your mind talk by a colleague, breast cancer surviver.

      I'm angry because I didn't have guts to tell her why didn't she cure herself by the power of mind instead of going trough double mastectomy, chemo, radio....

      I just can't insult anyone and minimise their suffering. I'm sure it was scary for her, I'm sure it was horrible to go through the treatment but... tinnitus is not my choice, it's not in my mind, it's a bloody 24/7 thing, no break!

      Maybe not deadly (well it actually can be) but nonetheless very serious and life changing.

      She said she's listening to Deepak Chopra inspirational tapes and was leaving some of those sayings around my computer to see.
      It's good for me she said.

      I just wish people would stop talking BS and commenting something they have no clue about.

      Just venting....:( it's been a long day
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    2. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      If the advise isn't coming from a T sufferer I have a hard time with this as well. I wish I could do chemo and radiation to put my T to sleep for a bit (remission). I would risk death to do so.

      I guess we have to realize people are trying to help even though it sometimes comes off as a bit patronizing. Like I've been through cancer, let me show you how it's done with your little issue. My advise...never talk about your T to others, it's frustrating for you, and you come off as weak and pathetic. I keep it to myself. If people ask about the ear plugs, I tell them my ears are screwed and change the subject.
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    3. Greg Clarke

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      Acoustic Trauma, Live Music
      Sounds like she is just trying to help?
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      (Health) Anxiety
      My wife has breast cancer and everyone feels sorry for her. Sorry for her that she has cancer and also a husband who cannot cope with a little noise in his head. So many have no problems with tinnitus, why me?

      Most people think (even my wife sometimes), it is a normal depression and it will become better after a while. She even offered and asked me quitting my job that I can help her in her office.

      I am sitting here at home, trying to work as good as possible. Depressed, anxious and all kind of negative thoughts.

      I know that it is a survival game for her. But no one recognizes I am fighting for surviving every day, every minute, every second. Sorry, I write too many depressing things today.
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    5. attheedgeofscience
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      If I were you, I would choose to suffer silently... reasons being...

      ...+95% of people - incl. many other tinnitus sufferers - would not know what living with severe tinnitus is like. Severe tinnitus would be a walk-in-the-park if only it was a for limited duration such as the time it takes to recover from a flu or a cold. It is the chronicity of the condition which makes all the difference. Needless to say.

      Additionally people with hearing disorders are at disadvantage in other ways too (compared with at least certain other maladies) - disadvantages such as:

      1) Lack of understanding from the medical profession (ie. no differentiation between mild-/severe- tinnitus),
      2) Lack of effective treatment options,
      3) Lack of financial support if unable to work (people with inner ear disorders are not generally not eligible for unemployment benefits in any way...).

      Tinnitus can therefore really hit very hard indeed.

      The only "thing" I can suggest is to stop discussing tinnitus with "people in public". Attempting to win their acceptance in some way is unlikely to work. They don't understand. And when you fail, you try even harder, and fail even more. So stop trying.

      Tinnitus is a curse straight from Hell that somehow ended up in the realm of the living. Tinnitus is a parasite that feeds off the soul of its victims. I curse public health officials for failing to take simple steps to protect citizens from a condition, that, generally is very preventable; I curse Mother Nature for her humiliating indifference towards life, human beings, and other species; I curse Mother Nature for involving humans in her grand scheme of the continuation of life; I curse Mother Nature for reducing human beings to little else than biological trash; I curse life on Earth.

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    6. AUTHOR

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      Mother Nature is a b...h!!!

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