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Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by lvts, Nov 24, 2015.

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      Big businesses usually have a corporate donation matching (up to 100%) program for certain non-profits. It does not seem like ATA or other tinnitus related non-profits are being listed as matching entities. I am not sure if a similar initiative was taken up before but we can raise awareness and more research dollars if we can find out the matching criteria and get the tinnitus related non-profits listed as grant matching entities. Does anyone have more information about any similar initiatives?
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      :LOL: What do people pay ATA for if they can't do this themselves? Isn't corporate donation matching in fundraising 101?

      ATA can't wipe their own butts it looks like.
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      Agreed ... that this is fundraising 101 and hence my surprise as to why it was not done. I even emailed ATA volunteering help but have not heard from them. May be it is time for tinnitus talk to have it's own non-profit and run some targeted initiatives.

      Edit: I just saw that another link about tinnitus hub being registered an UK non-profit and may be incorporated as an US non-profit in the future. Glad that the tinnitus team is miles ahead in planning and working to help all the tinnitus community.

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