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Discussion in 'Research News' started by joe, Feb 17, 2012.

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      yes sad...if i had done right away what i know now to be heelpfull i could have cut my loss in half

      great article...seems the Japanese researchers administered prednisone and a vasodialator (niacin??)

      i read the the us navy is keen on vasodialators and n acetyl cysteine

      how curios that there is so much sustatined damage that resists reparie at the 4000 herts frequency

      the article mention a bifurcation of arterial flow etc...but i was once told that 4k is where the cochloea makes the first bend in its snail shell like shape and so highly concussive forces slam against the back side of this first "turn"

      thanks again for finding and sharing this article...well done
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      I lost my hearing at 6-8kHz so I don't know what happened to me. No loss whatsoever in 4kHz. I'm a month in and I've been taking NAC, magnesium, a few other antioxidants and B12 to no avail. I did HBOT and steroids in the beginning and it helped the tinnitus but not the 50 dB hearing loss. I'm 21 and it's devastating for me but I hope for a treatment some day.
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      It is hard, however I feel from a repair perspective probably you are in a good place. Pretty sure some things will be available for you in a matter of a few years only. I think that the research and clinical trials to date are very promising and it's pretty likely resolutions will come soon. A lot of ripping research has been done and there is trials of medicine going on which were already able to show significant and positive outcomes.
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      I suffered severe profound SSHL across all frequencies, blue line is audiogram after 1st round of oral steroids, red line is current status after 2 months. I had oral steroids, 3 injections, HBOT and acupuncture. So you're not the only one my good man and you're much better off than I. I was misdiagnosed 1st too so missed 7 days of vital treatment. You will improve over the next few weeks and I'm hoping for improvement over the next few weeks/months too. I'm 25. We just have to get used to it and wait for regenerative medication to do its thing. We got dealt a bad hand but the show goes on. Patience is key I remind myself many times each day

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      sorry to hear about what you are going through, me too, I understand the desperation, hope you look at many people here who live with it and have a little hope, easier said than done, but look at the many other people who face it and this gives me some strength. Plus the fact that you are very young so there’s REAL hope you will make some recovery.:huganimation:
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