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      Hey all,

      For anyone who doesn't know I have been a Tinnitus sufferer for about 2 years now. I occasionally drop in to the forum when I am going through a particularly bad spike as I find it supportive talking to others who might understand.

      Through the months/years I have learn't what to avoid and have generally found that (bar not being able to attend a handful of social activities) that T doesn't effect my life too much. In the last few weeks however, I have felt a consistent aggressive spike in the T. I think the overall level has risen to a new notch. It has become unbearable the day after I have drank a few beer's; It has always caused a spike but not too much. I now feel as though I can no longer go out and see my friends. Most social events are involving alcohol/parties/gigs ect...

      My main concern is that I work in construction. Building sites are generally a loud and stressful environment with industrial noise. The site that I am currently working on is incredibly pressurised. I have always kept ear protectors round my neck at all times but I am beginning to strongly feel as though I am going to have to change my career and find another kind of job, a new life.

      I know none of you can give me an answer on what to do as its my problem and ultimately it is my life. I just feel the need to express my position here as there's no one that I can talk to who can begin to understand in my inner circle of family and friends.

      Thanks for reading

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      You could introduce your friends to new activities not involving loud parties and alcohol. Though with hearing protection parties are usually fine too.

      But the job situation is a tough one. I usually say to people that tinnitus shouldn't rule their lives and not limit what they can or not do, and it is a good rule of thumb.

      However, working construction or other environments that can get loud (next to my apartment building they are building a new one, and dear goodness I hate the noise, even though I am indoors) is a matter that you need to think about. I wouldn't do it unless absolutely necessary (i.e. couldn't get another kind of job).

      You're right though, all of these are problems that nobody else can solve for you. Only you can decide what you think is best for you.

      I do empathize though. I hope you'll cope and make the right choices.

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      Loud music
      I feel like I'm spamming the site with this, but there are good earplugs that are made for constant use during a work day. They custom make them for your ear only and thus they are comfortable to wear all the time.

      The brands I know in Sweden are "Earfoon" and "Bellman & Symfon". They should be available in the UK as well.

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