Dancing Eardrum with Drum Beats — Need Help — Any Opinion Is Welcome

Discussion in 'Support' started by Fairy, Sep 23, 2016.

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      I am in serious shape. I got a dancing ear muscle, out of place. It is dancing on it, bigtime. It is so bad I don't what to do. I am sitting wandering my next move. I went ent, got a muscle relaxer, that did not help.

      Here is 7 months later and I am still crying. What wrong with the doctors, you can not get help. I did to chiropractor. It take tinnitus for 3 days. I slept beautifully. Now it is back. My tinnitus is from the neck.

      The wild card is the ear vibrations. It might be tmj. Does it vibrate like crazy. I feel something in my ear.

      That is how serious it is. I am thinking of getting my ear at. because, it might be something in there. ??

      probably not. It hurts. Ear ache, tinnitus, machinery sound. drums beating, ear hurts inside. This is nightmare problem for anyone. No one wants to hear about it. It feels like it is moving inside the ear.
      Like something is alive in there. Emergency did nothing for me. Thanks in advance for any opinions. There is no logic for this one.

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