Decision Done (I'll Only Wait for Five More Years for a Solution or Treatment to Tinnitus)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mentos, Sep 29, 2016.

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    1. Mentos

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      Just made my concious decision that I cannot live with T for another 40years. It's just to difficult for me emotionally. If they don't find a solution to cure or reduce my T to acceptable level say within 5 years, I'm gonna finish with myself.

      Another 5 years of masking I can bear, another 40 years - I cannot. I put all my trust in cochlear synaptopathy treatment being developed now by Decibel, if they fail - I fail. I think I indeed have cochlear synaptopathy which makes my chances 50/50 in my view. This thought that it's in in my hands to finish the suffering comforts me a lot. My life is said and miserable and I see no point in living sad life for decades. I lived till T a happy and productive life but at the age of 36 it has finished. I give myself quite some time - 5 years is a decent period in my opinion.

      And this decision is not anxiety driven - I managed to get rid of my T related anxiety quite some months ago. I just can't see my mood to improve any further, I'm stuck. I don't idealize life, as said before decent T reduction to a level when it's perceived only in silent room at bed time I'm fine with. But not what I have now.
    2. glynis-harbron

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      Meniere's Disease
      Don't give up on yourself and ears.
      Get the medication to help you and lots of support like a psychiatrist and CBT or TRT treatment.
      I know it's hard as struggling at the moment too.
      Don't put any pressure on yourself and off load stress.
      You will get through this and lead a better life and make it more forlflling...lots of love glynis
    3. Mentos

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      I know Glynis, I just had horrible day which poisoned my thoughts
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    4. terry b

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      six months
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      mobile phone held to head wrong way round!! assume emf
      I keep thinking death be the answer but then I was very high up the other day on top of a grain silo (had to take a scarily staircase on the side of the silo up) nothing but scaffold bars as railings .. v scary for someone afraid of heights ... it was at that point I remember thinking (even though wasn't in any danger) I really don't want to die even tho tinnitus has me thinking I do .. just remain positive ... and yes understand just how hard it might be think of family .. I could never hurt my mum with my own death
    5. Sam Bridge

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      Loud music/gigs probably

      I have hearing loss and t for 18 months. Last few days it has really lowered in intesnsity and is just like a low hiss/whoosh noise now which i don't mind compared to what it is. Not sure what caused your t but i am proof that it can get better even if it was caused by hearing loss from noise. Hang in there!

      If anyones wondering , I have 30db loss at 4khz and 25 at 3khz.
    6. Foncky

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      March 2004
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      A stupid 140dB popped balloon.
      I totally get your feelings Mentos.

      Well, I'd say it's a good idea to give you 5 years. You'll be surprised by what research will achieve during those 5 years. Decibel are great guys, but they are not alone ;)

      Can you share what you learnt about their treatment ?
    7. Mentos

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      Decibel plans firstly do develope diagnostic platform for cochlear synaptopathy which cannot be disgnosed at the moment with a use of current methods. They plan human trials of diagnostics in summer/fall 2017. Then they want to determine therapeutic window of NT3 to be effective on humans, and finally test NT3 application on humans. Dates for the trials arę unknown. Idea of the treatment is to restore damaged synapses resulting from noise trauma or ageing, so far they successfully treated mice with neutrophins And managed to restore synaptic hair cells connections to nerve fibers and revert the damage coming from prolonged noise exposure

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