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      I used to listen to light thunder storms during sleep through youtube etc, would always result in a slightly deeper sleep and mostly more detailed dreams.

      So obviously with me being a new one to this mild form of Tinnitus (it's going to go soon I swear - it's getting milder), I have been listening to running water sounds to blank out the sound.

      I have done this now for 5 nights and every night I have dreamed, one night I dreamt about 5 separate dreams, all vividly and detailed. The best thing is I must be hitting serious REM stages of sleep and I'm feeling much more ready in the morning.

      I've also found fresh lemon in hot water before bed is a good one, I can't give you any scientific proof that this has any benefits but it hydrates you and possibly helps draw out any toxins or 'free radicals' (always makes me laugh that word) from your body.

      But yeah I love dreaming, so if you don't listen to any sort of natural soft sounds during sleep give it a go.
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